Women, exist in photos

Women, exist in photos

I have been trying for a while to find my groove.  To remember why I love photography.  To take on clients that have the same vision I do and allow me to create the images that are in my mind.  I’ve been listening to workshops and finding motivation in ideas and visions.

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite thing is to photograph.  While I love families, seniors and your children… women are my favorite sessions.  Not necessarily boudoir.  Not necessarily sessions that are given as gifts to the loves of their lives.


Women.  Women who are looking for a way to empower themselves.  Women, who feel exhausted at the end of each day and feel as though they need to wait just a little longer before they take the time to schedule a session for themselves. Women, who are moms… and sisters….and wives… or girlfriends… who wake up each morning and take on life by jumping in with both feet.  Women, who make sure their families are taken care of and those around them have the things they need.


These are my favorite sessions.  To take a woman and show her just how beautiful she is.  She is not just the woman who runs errands all day and chases kids, and finds food stuck in her hair at the end of the day. She is beautiful. She is incredible. She is Amazing.


When I rebranded my business… I did so with this woman in mind.  Beautiful Evolutions.

Beautiful: excellent of its kind
Evolution: a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development

Showing a woman that she is beautiful and thru each evolution of her life, she is incredible.

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I’ve been listening to a workshop by a woman that inspires me and pushes me to work to be better at all things that I do.  Here are some of the notes I jotted down the other day.


~ “It is important to exist in photos for your children, for your family, for those you love.  What will be left when you are gone? One day they will look for photographs of you… what will they have?”

Wow.  That will cause you do to a major gut check.  Do not miss out on the key moments in your life because you needed to loose 10 more pounds, or because you didn’t have the right outfit, or because you needed a tan.  Be present.  Be in each moment.  Be in front of the camera, not behind it.



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Just some thoughts I wanted to share.  I love what I do and I love the clients that trust me to give them something they can cherish forever.   Every evolution in our life… makes us who we are.  And that my friends, makes us remarkable.

All My Love

2014… back to it and ready for Spring

2014… back to it and ready for Spring

I took a year off to focus on life… some times you have to just step back and breathe and figure out how to pull all the pieces back together.    I’ve done a few sessions in the meantime, here and there, but really just took the time to refocus and find myself again.

It’s time to get back to it.  Get back to what I love and what keeps me passionate.

With that said, all family and children sessions booked in March and April will be 1/2 off… as well as a great promo for your digital images.  (Refer a friend that books and get a bigger discount on your session)

Please email me for more details: brooke@beautifulevolutions.com

Have a wonderful day!



Funny Friday

I received this in an email today courtesy of Chic Critique, a great resources for photographers.

Thought I would share and let everyone else get a giggle out of it.

Top 9 Auto-Reply Emails You Wish You Could Send:

1. I’m not really out of the office. I’m just ignoring you.

2. I am hiding in my closet from being overworked and underpaid. I’ll get back to you as soon as I stop rocking myself in the fetal position.

3. I only got 3 hours of sleep last night so I might get all “Hulk” on you. I’ll get back to you when I transform back into Bruce Banner mode.

4. No, your photos weren’t ready because, frankly, I haven’t even taken them off the memory card yet.

5. I can’t find my desk & computer because it’s hidden under piles of papers, I’ll get back to you when I do.

6. I haven’t seen my husband or my kids in days so get in line, Sucka!!

7. It’s pretty unlikely that your photos are edited since I am still in my pajamas.

8. Thank you for your email. You have been added to a queing system and are currently in 352nd place. You can expect to receive a reply in 11 weeks and 3 days.

9. I am on an email-strike. I’ll get back to you NEVER!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Back to getting organized for the year… More work, less goofing off 🙂

Much Love

Beautiful Evolutions

Beautiful: excellent of its kind; extraordinary; incredible

a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development

Beautiful Evolutions Photography…. Every step of your journey has brought you to this moment and has made you the incredible person you are right now.

Take just a moment and let me show you the beautiful person that you have evolved into.