Dakota 2015 Senior

Dakota 2015 Senior

It’s always a blessing to watch our children grow up.  Man, this makes me feel old!  I met Dakota and his family shortly after I moved to Texas in 2005.  Our boys played soccer together and became fast friends.  I adored his parents and his mom and I have remained close friends over the years.

Dakota is graduating this year.  He has become an absolutely incredible man and I am honored to photograph a quick senior session for him.  IMG_1989-Edit


As most teenage boys would shy away from public affection and showing any emotion… Dakota is not your typical boy.  He jumped out of his truck when he arrived and gave me a great big hug.  I am proud of the things he has overcome.  And while he is still a boy (notice the wrinkled shirt above) he is a really great guy.  He will accomplish absolutely wonderful things in life and I am so happy I have been able to watch him over the years.

Best of luck sweet boy!  In all that you do.




One side note… Dakota LOVES the color orange.  So when looking for what he would wear to his Senior Prom.. he came across the Tuxedo’s from Dumb and Dumber.  He and his friend ROCKED it out.




All my love!


Maddie 2014 Senior

Maddie 2014 Senior

She is beautiful… and not just on the outside.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous.  However, this girl is beautiful through and through.  Always has a smile on her face.  Always a positive little soul.

2MaddieStone2014 (23 of 30)

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Ms. Maddie is going to move mountains… she has so much greatness within her.

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Welcome to your Senior Year sweet girl… Make it Amazing!

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All My Love

Stacie is going to be a momma!

Stacie is going to be a momma!

Stacie is going to be a momma. A funny little world that we live in connected Stacie and I from several different directions. We knew several people mutally, and none of them were connected… I love it!

Stacie is due in just a few short weeks… she and her sweet husband are precious and in for a wild ride!!

I am so blessed to have been connected to you and cannot wait to see how this chapter unfolds for you and your family. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer.

I can’t wait to meet those sweet babies…

Much Love,

The Lovely Ms. Rachel Strange

The Lovely Ms. Rachel Strange

It is with such sadness and a broken heart that I write this blog post.  If you have followed along with me, you will know that I had the honor and privilege to photograph The Enablers a few weeks ago.  It was then that Ms. Rachel Strange walked into my world.  The Enablers had just hired a female lead singer and needed new pictures for their band to promote this fabulous addition.

Sadly, early this morning, Rachel became an angel and is now singing her beautiful heart out and watching over everyone she loved.

While I only knew this sweet lady for a very short time, she touched my heart and made an impact immediately.  I have spent all day seeing Facebook update with beautiful comments and sweet memories of this incredible girl.  I was thinking today and talking about her kind soul… while many of us only knew her for too short of a time, she made one heck of an impact on many lives.  Rachel was the girl that you felt was your best friend and you had known her forever.    27 is much too young to leave this world.  She loved fiercely and you never doubted it for a moment.

I am blessed to be able to call her a friend.  I am blessed to have heard her sing.  I am blessed to have had the honor to photograph her at a time in her life that she couldn’t even imagine the possibilities.

Her facebook page has been flooded with thoughts and words that could move mountains… my hope is that some of these memories will bring a little bit of peace to her family and those that love her.

I am broken hearted for our loss.  However, I truly believe that she would want everyone to remember the smile, the love and the laughter…so I will end with something she said the 2nd time I heard her perform…

“Everybody has a little bit of strange in them… but you can’t have THIS strange”.

Rachel Strange… you are the most beautiful strange that has walked in and out of our lives.

Much Love!

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