Stafford Family 2016 {Alvarado Family Photographer}

Stafford Family 2016 {Alvarado Family Photographer}

I had a mom reach out a few months ago about scheduling family pictures.  We talked about whether or not the mini session or the full family session was the right option for what she was looking for.  She was VERY quick to tell me that with her group… we would need longer than 30 minutes.  She then went on to explain that it would be her, her hubby, and 5 kids.   I would be lying if it didn’t stop me in my tracks as I was reading… 5 kids.  Well ok… let’s do this!!


yes, you see that correctly.  That beautiful girl is surrounded by 4 brothers…

This beautiful family absolutely stole my heart.  The kids were incredible and we had SO much fun shooting.  Mom, of course, wanted everyone in fall clothes… however, the day of the session was in the 90s.  They pile out of their van when we arrive and I see that everyone is in flannel shirts, jeans and boots.  I think I started sweating for them.  I apologized a few times for the day being so hot, as if I had any control over the weather, but they all just smiled and said that it was ok.  They were there to make mom happy and knew better than to complain.  Even dad was an absolute trooper and was a great sport the entire time.


We laughed, we joked around, we were completely inappropriate at times… we made some incredible images.  Mom (and dad) now have to rearrange their living room walls to make room for the beautiful family portraits they just ordered.   Lots of room actually…


Thank you so much Stafford Family for allowing me to spend the afternoon with you and be your photographer.  I absolutely can’t wait to see all the great things these kids do over the next few years.

All my love