What to Wear Wednesday: Swingin’ into Spring

What to Wear Wednesday: Swingin’ into Spring

If you haven’t noticed, floral is making a comeback.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect with spring right around the corner, a denim & floral combo is just the fresh & versatile look we’ve been waiting for.

Floral embroidery on denim is all the rage, & it’s just ONE of the countless ways the two staples can be paired.

It’s fun, fresh, and retro, all in one! What are your go-to floral  items?


Looking for more info on what to wear for your Senior or Family Session… shoot me a message below and let’s get your dream session planned.



Halloween Mini Sessions {Elsa & Paw Patrol}

Halloween Mini Sessions {Elsa & Paw Patrol}

These sweet kids started our day off last week.  It’s always funny when a parent or grandparent feels that one child will do better than another for pictures.  Children are a great reminder that we are NOT in control.  Silly faces, baby teeth, wild hair and personalities of their own… children are what keep us guessing and keep us on our toes.

2016-10-19_00242016-10-19_0025 These two started off SUPER shy, but quickly settled in and showed me their personalities.  She loves to be front and center… he takes a quieter approach.



Dance like no one is watching.


Thank you for sharing these beautiful kids with me!


Have you booked a session for your kiddos?  Don’t miss out!beautifulevolutions_0665

Halloween Mini Sessions {Pirate}

Halloween Mini Sessions {Pirate}

Mini sessions that are JUST for the kids, absolutely make my heart melt.  These sweet little ones will be making an appearance on the blog all month.  Be prepared to say awwww a whole lot this month!

This little pirate completely stole my heart.  He had a smile that went from ear to ear and he wasn’t shy in the least little bit.  His momma did a GREAT job on the costume and all the accessories.  Halloween Mini Sessions

Someone asked why I do specific themed mini sessions for Halloween… because, as moms, we put so much effort into their costumes and usually only get a couple of pictures on our cell phones in the hustle and bustle of Halloween.  I wanted to spend a little bit of time with these kids and get some super sweet images that mom can look back on and cherish for years.  They are only little once.

When asked what a pirate says…. this was his response “Argggggh”  and yes… the eye and everything went with it.  Seriously…. stole my heart!

2016-10-17_0020All my love


Do you want to book your little one a mini session?  Don’t miss out!


Engaged, Erica & Austin

Engaged, Erica & Austin

Earlier this year, I was blessed with an opportunity to partner with a local jeweler, Woolard’s Custom Jewelers,  on a few projects.  One of those is a beautiful way to thank their customers; for each custom engagement ring that they create, they gift an engagement session to their customer.


Meet Erica and Austin.  Austin had a ring custom made by Woolard’s a few months ago.  He asked this gorgeous girl to marry him and they are now currently planning their wedding for April of 2017.  Their story is super sweet, they met while waiting in line at a local restaurant in Fort Worth, realized each other was eating alone and decided to eat together.  They’ve been inseparable ever since.beautifulevolutions_0608 beautifulevolutions_0609

The love the share for each other is absolutely beautiful.  The laughter they get caught up in, is sweet to watch.  Austin doesn’t like his smile… but, Erica… she just adores it.


Congratulations to you both.  I truly hope that your wedding is all that you dreamed it would be.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create some beautiful engagement photos for you.

beautifulevolutions_0610 Much Love



Denna, Class of 2016 {Burleson Centennial High School}

Denna, Class of 2016 {Burleson Centennial High School}

Denna’s mom contacted me not long ago because she wanted to schedule a senior session for her daughter.  She was put into my private group for women and “something” caused her to stick around and I’m so very glad that she did.  We planned the session, they planned the wardrobe… and we PRAYED the weather would work out.  Spring time in Texas… doesn’t always cooperate.  However, the sun was beautifully shining and even though it was a little chilly… we rocked it out.


Denna had several ideas going into this session.  One thing that her mom noted to me was that she just wanted to feel grown up.  I get that, what senior girl doesn’t??  So, we brought in Lori to do hair and makeup.  We traipsed around the Botanical Gardens and captured some beautiful images.2016-03-30_0001

Sidenote:  As we roll up to the Botanical Gardens, I hear VERY loud music as we get out of the car.  I mean REALLY REALLY LOUD.  I walk over to where our first location is going to be… and there is a wedding.  I don’t mean, “oh isn’t that pretty a sweet little wedding”… I mean a full blown Indian wedding that took up the entire garden we planned to use.  I begged and pleaded with the security person that I really just needed that one little corner… over there, behind everyone, not in the way… just.right.over.there.  Nope!  So, new plan!  On to other areas.


OK – back to Denna.  She had several things planned and one of them was this beautiful flower crown.  It was beautiful and Denna made it herself.  LOVE that.



Her mom joked that Denna has several tiaras… I looked at Denna and we both smiled, EVERY girl is a princess and should have tiaras.



2016-03-30_0005 2016-03-30_0003


While we may have frozen during her session – I’m so thankful to have been the person that Denna and her mom chose as her senior photographer.  Every session that I shoot, my goal is to make sure each senior feels incredible when they leave and that they love their images.  Denna, you are headed off to Dallas Baptist University in the fall.  I can’t wait to see all the things that you accomplish.  You are a beautiful girl 2016-03-30_0004



Denna, Class of 2016, Burleson Centennial High School

May your life be filled with endless possibilities and greatness






Photography: Beautiful Evolutions – Seniors

Hair and Makeup: Lori Moore

Location: Fort Worth Botanical Gardens