BE Necklace {Woolard’s Custom Jewelers}

BE Necklace {Woolard’s Custom Jewelers}

A project that is incredibly special to me is officially live.  ONLINE and in person.  It’s real.  What seemed a dream or maybe just a really cool idea has finally come to fruition.

Several months ago, an idea was created between myself and a fabulous woman named Coralee.  For my local people in Burleson, Coralee knows someone for everything you could need.  What started as her asking Woolard’s Custom Jewelers for a donation, quickly turned into an idea based on what they do best.  Custom jewelry creation.  Let me back up and give you the back story behind the idea that sparked it all.

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While I will always photograph people in general – my passion is women of all ages.  From little girls to mothers to the women who lead us by the lives they have lived.  The passion behind what I do is fueled from having a desire to show women how beautiful and strong they are.  To remind them that you will never be the perfect weight or size, you will never be the perfect shade of tan, you will always be tired from running here and there and taking care of others… however, take a step back and see yourself as those around you view you.  You are strong.  You are worthy.  You are making an impact on someone else, even when you don’t see it.   It’s important to me to remind women of this when they step in front of my camera.  It’s important to me to help the little girls see this and not get lost in what society says they should be.  There is no perfect woman… the world would be so boring if we all were.

beautiful-evolutions-2016-66-of-68 beautiful-evolutions-2016-61-of-68 beautiful-evolutions-2016-52-of-68

While brainstorming about how I wanted to take over the world (kidding… kinda), Coralee and I talked about … What would a woman BE if she could BE anything?  (get it… BE  = Beautiful Evolutions… keep up with me now)

After asking some of the women in a private Facebook group that I have… these were some of the words that were given to us.



Each and every one of these words has a story behind it.  For me… my word was Inspiring.  I want to inspire others, I want to show women how amazing they are, I want to show our daughters growing up that they can truly accomplish anything if they are dedicated and driven, I want to show women that no matter what size, shape, color, or age they are… they are beautiful.

beautiful-evolutions-2016-38-of-68 beautiful-evolutions-2016-32-of-68

These words have been hand created into necklace pendants.  Each necklace has two pendants.. a BE and a word… you can actually, add as many words as you would like.  These are a small reminder to BE the person you are intended to be.  A gentle nudge to keep you moving in the right direction.  A gift to help someone else remember that they are worthy and they are loved.


And now… they are real.  An idea that has been created and is actually on the market to purchase.  An idea that is no longer just living in our minds.  Thank you Woolard’s Custom Jewelers and thank you Coralee for creating this beautiful reminder for women of all ages and at all stages in their story.

{Proceeds from the BE charm will be donated to The Women’s Center}

To see more information and purchase your BE Necklace you can either purchase online or visit the Woolard’s Custom Jewelers store in Burleson TX.

Woolard’s Custom Jewelers


Click here to purchase online

All my love


Halloween Mini Sessions {Pirate}

Halloween Mini Sessions {Pirate}

Mini sessions that are JUST for the kids, absolutely make my heart melt.  These sweet little ones will be making an appearance on the blog all month.  Be prepared to say awwww a whole lot this month!

This little pirate completely stole my heart.  He had a smile that went from ear to ear and he wasn’t shy in the least little bit.  His momma did a GREAT job on the costume and all the accessories.  Halloween Mini Sessions

Someone asked why I do specific themed mini sessions for Halloween… because, as moms, we put so much effort into their costumes and usually only get a couple of pictures on our cell phones in the hustle and bustle of Halloween.  I wanted to spend a little bit of time with these kids and get some super sweet images that mom can look back on and cherish for years.  They are only little once.

When asked what a pirate says…. this was his response “Argggggh”  and yes… the eye and everything went with it.  Seriously…. stole my heart!

2016-10-17_0020All my love


Do you want to book your little one a mini session?  Don’t miss out!


Stafford Family 2016 {Alvarado Family Photographer}

Stafford Family 2016 {Alvarado Family Photographer}

I had a mom reach out a few months ago about scheduling family pictures.  We talked about whether or not the mini session or the full family session was the right option for what she was looking for.  She was VERY quick to tell me that with her group… we would need longer than 30 minutes.  She then went on to explain that it would be her, her hubby, and 5 kids.   I would be lying if it didn’t stop me in my tracks as I was reading… 5 kids.  Well ok… let’s do this!!


yes, you see that correctly.  That beautiful girl is surrounded by 4 brothers…

This beautiful family absolutely stole my heart.  The kids were incredible and we had SO much fun shooting.  Mom, of course, wanted everyone in fall clothes… however, the day of the session was in the 90s.  They pile out of their van when we arrive and I see that everyone is in flannel shirts, jeans and boots.  I think I started sweating for them.  I apologized a few times for the day being so hot, as if I had any control over the weather, but they all just smiled and said that it was ok.  They were there to make mom happy and knew better than to complain.  Even dad was an absolute trooper and was a great sport the entire time.


We laughed, we joked around, we were completely inappropriate at times… we made some incredible images.  Mom (and dad) now have to rearrange their living room walls to make room for the beautiful family portraits they just ordered.   Lots of room actually…


Thank you so much Stafford Family for allowing me to spend the afternoon with you and be your photographer.  I absolutely can’t wait to see all the great things these kids do over the next few years.

All my love


Engaged, Erica & Austin

Engaged, Erica & Austin

Earlier this year, I was blessed with an opportunity to partner with a local jeweler, Woolard’s Custom Jewelers,  on a few projects.  One of those is a beautiful way to thank their customers; for each custom engagement ring that they create, they gift an engagement session to their customer.


Meet Erica and Austin.  Austin had a ring custom made by Woolard’s a few months ago.  He asked this gorgeous girl to marry him and they are now currently planning their wedding for April of 2017.  Their story is super sweet, they met while waiting in line at a local restaurant in Fort Worth, realized each other was eating alone and decided to eat together.  They’ve been inseparable ever since.beautifulevolutions_0608 beautifulevolutions_0609

The love the share for each other is absolutely beautiful.  The laughter they get caught up in, is sweet to watch.  Austin doesn’t like his smile… but, Erica… she just adores it.


Congratulations to you both.  I truly hope that your wedding is all that you dreamed it would be.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create some beautiful engagement photos for you.

beautifulevolutions_0610 Much Love



Mother’s Day Giveaway: Local Business {Woolard’s Jewelry}

Mother’s Day Giveaway: Local Business {Woolard’s Jewelry}

It’s been busy over here at Beautiful Evolutions – hopefully you are following along on Facebook and Instagram…. no??  get on it!


This business has completely blown my socks off.  I can’t share with you an image of what they are donating… because they are CUSTOM creating it.  I’m so stinking excited.


Business: Woolard’s Custom Jewelry

Fabulous Woman: Caryl Woolard

Tell me about your business

Caryl joined Bobby at Woolard’s 25 years ago.  There are a hometown jeweler that specializes in custom made jewelry.  I think one of the most incredible things they do, is they can take old heirloom jewelry and turn it into something for today.

What Promotion are you offering the ladies in this BE Empowered Group:

With every engagement ring purchased in 2016, we are giving away a free engagement photo session.

Thank you for donating to the giveaway! 

A custom hand made necklace

If you are interested in being a part of our Women Only private group, please be sure to email me brooke@beautifulevolutions.com