Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips: The Ultimate Prom Look

Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips: The Ultimate Prom Look


Prom Season is here and if you are like me… you are digging thru Pinterest as though it has THE perfect solution for prom makeup.   Have you already scheduled your appointment for hair and makeup? Scheduled your photographer for the day?

That one night where you’re pampered head to toe in the most glamorous and fitting dress, the cutest hairstyle and of course the perfect face. Prom is your special night and you need the perfect tips and products to create a great flawless look. Whether it’s drugstore cosmetics or top notch products, nothing can stop you from looking like a queen.Here are a few tips for getting THE ultimate look for your incredible day!


You wake up ready to receive pampered treatment for your big night tonight, but your face is peeling or your foundation won’t blend, doesn’t worry, use these products to cover oily or dry skin and to keep your foundation from melting ¯

Revlon Face Primer 9$ / BENEFIT Primer 31$


You’ve scrolled up and down Pinterest to look for the perfect Smokey Eye look, you’ve finally found it and you go to apply your eyeshadow, but the pigment and blending isn’t looking anything like the picture on your screen. Use these products to help eye shadows and sparking products blend easier¯

NYX Eye shadow Primer 7$ / Urban Decay Eye Primer 20$

Whether your eyebrows are high arched, bushy or thin, us women must care for our brows. Before filling your brows in, use this primer to make sure your stubborn hairs stay put and to keep your full brows from smearing. Remember ladies, your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. ¯

NYX Eyebrow Primer 7$ / Benefit Primer 28$

Want to make your cheekbones look like you’ve spent your whole life savings on surgery?  No need to spend all your cash, just stop by your local store, find your color and the next thing you know you’ll be looking at your prom photos looking like a million dollar Kardashian. ¯

Wet N Wild Contour Kit 5$ / Anastasia Cream or Powder Kit 40$

E.L.F Highlighter 3$ / BECCA Highlighter 30$

NYX Illuminator Cream 8$/ NARS Illuminator 30$


No matter how much mascara you apply your eyelashes just aren’t glamorous enough. Lashes not only brighten your eyes but give your lashes volume and length. Stop by any store and pick your poison. Lashes range from a Natural look all the way down the line to Runway.¯

Ardell Lashes 5$


Your lip-gloss has to be popping for Prom night. Whether you’re planning on using a lipstick to add color or a simple pink gloss to make your lips pop these products will fulfill your luscious lip needs ¯

NYX Lipstick (Gloss, Matte, Lip stain) 5$ / MAC Lipstick 17$


After all the makeup shopping, scrolling through pinterest and the hours spent on YouTube; your makeup is flawless and you’re ready for the big night. But don’t rush out the door yet, you don’t want to put all that hard work to waste. 2-3 pumps of this magical spray and after pictures, dinner and breaking a sweat on the dance floor, you’re face will still have a glamorous finish. ¯

NYX Setting Spray 8$ / Urban Decay Setting Spray 19$

* All makeup products stated first can be found in any store. Second products stated can be found at Ulta.

These seven tips I have provided for you will without a doubt make you outshine everyone on the dance floor.

However, if you’re running out of time or you would rather prefer someone else blessing your beautiful face then don’t worry I have a selection of women who are great with makeup brushes. Give me a shout and we will get you set up with some of the best hair and makeup artists in town!

Have you booked your photographer yet?  You’ve pulled all the final touches together – now you need a quick mini shoot before you head out for the big event!

Email me and let’s get you on the schedule


Prom Beautiful Evolutions DFW mini sessions

Senior Session Darrah, Class of 2017 Burleson High School

Senior Session Darrah, Class of 2017 Burleson High School

This beautiful girl is graduating!  I was fortunate enough to photograph Darrah’s brother Austyn last year.  I was so excited when her mom reached out to me to do Darrah’s senior session.  She’s a gorgeous and I know her mama is so proud of all she has accomplished.  Darrah is so blessed to be surrounded by family and love.  LOTS of family and LOTS of sisters.   Senior Photography Beautiful Evolutions Fort Worth Texas

Oh… you may have seen this handsome guy in some other posts…. John Wayne came along with Darrah.  She may be beautiful – but he sure tried to steal the spotlight.  OK OK… he was a pretty good boy for most of the time while we were shooting Darrah’s senior session down in the West 7th area in Fort Worth.  We just couldn’t take him off of his leash.  He may be super cute – but he sure has a mind of his own.  Darrah even brought her sisters for the session as help… but I don’t think any of us could have caught him if decided to run his own path.

Congrats Darrah!  I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring your way!  Thank you for allowing me to be your senior photographer.  I love your images and love your smile.  

Much Love


Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips: Prom Skin Prep

Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips: Prom Skin Prep

Prom. You envision in your head the perfect dress, perfect hair and makeup, the perfect date of course, and dancing the night away.


What happens when you wake up the day before and your skin is not being your friend?

I’ve been to dances, had special events and I have learned a few tips and tricks. Giving your skin some extra love the week leading up to prom is always crucial.

Let’s start with the basics:

1. wake up every morning and drink a big glass of water to stay hydrated, and cleanse your face with a gentle daily cleanser.

2. At night, make sure to remove all your makeup and clear your pores and exfoliate your skin.

3. In the shower it’s also important to exfoliate your arms and legs as well, and then after you get out, make sure to lather up with lotion to keep your skin nice and soft.

4. Make sure you moisturize your face with a gentle moisturizer after you wash it and before you put any makeup on.

Follow these basic tips and your skin will thank you when prom rolls around.

Have you booked your Prom Photo Shoot?  We even have the option to add on full hair and makeup.

Interested?  Email brooke@beautifulevolutions.com for details

Prom Beautiful Evolutions DFW mini sessions

Senior Session Mack Class of 2017 Burleson High School

Senior Session Mack Class of 2017 Burleson High School

Mack… this girl.  She’s a beautiful girl, she’s quiet, she’s funny, she’s awkward… but she is an incredibly genuine and kind girl.  Mack is a Class of 2017 graduating Senior at Burleson High School.

Senior Session, Beautiful Evolutions, Fort Worth Texas, Magnolia, Burleson High School, Class of 2017

Mack and her best friend Hannah spent a morning with me shooting in Fort Worth, TX.  We laughed and walked and walked some more.  Mack was a little nervous getting started but by the end she was twirling around with the best of them… well, not really twirling – more like walking in circles.  Kidding… kinda.

Senior Session, Beautiful Evolutions, Fort Worth Texas, Magnolia, Burleson High School, Class of 2017

I asked what made Mack special… here are a couple of things:

She loves to tell pun jokes… especially when she’s nervous

She’s awkward… and she completely knows this.

She could survive on Twinkies and Gushers.  (go ahead world, roll your eyes at how thin she is and that is her diet)

Senior Session, Beautiful Evolutions, Fort Worth Texas, Magnolia, Burleson High School, Class of 2017

Mack has decided to attend McMurray University and I have absolutely no doubt that she will move mountains in her life.  Every day is a celebration in Mack’s life…. cheers to all the things that are upcoming to celebrate.

Senior Session, Beautiful Evolutions, Fort Worth Texas, Magnolia, Burleson High School, Class of 2017

Much Love


Senior Session Hannah Class of 2017 Burleson High School

Senior Session Hannah Class of 2017 Burleson High School

Sweet Hannah.  This beautiful girl and her best friend rocked out their senior sessions in the Magnolia area in Fort Worth.  We had so much fun even though the weather wasn’t just stellar. After a visit getting hair and makeup done – we started our morning out walked to the far end.  It couldn’t have been more perfect for these girls.

Hannah is a Class of 2017 senior at Burleson High School!

She has a beautiful heart and full of laughter.  She has a smile that lights up a room.  Her kindness truly beams from her and you just can’t help but adore her.

I know her parents are SO proud of her.  She has signed with McMurray University and will be playing soccer.  I know she’s excited because every time we bring it up – her smile runs so big you think her cheeks must hurt.  I am so excited to see all the great things that come her way.

Hannah you are truly a remarkable young lady and I’m so blessed to have the honor of doing your senior session.  Thank you for just being you!  You are pretty amazing.