Savannah – Dance Photography – Fort Worth TX

Savannah – Dance Photography – Fort Worth TX

Every once in a while, I like to shoot for me.  I have something in my mind’s eye that I want to create.  I think often times we (creatives) get bogged down by “work” that we forget to take time to make things that we want to make.  Flash back a few weeks ago and a spot I had been, not so patiently, waiting for finally bloomed.  It was beautiful.  It was magical.  I quickly scheduled a couple of clients, knowing that not everyone would be able to make it.  I also grabbed my beautiful daughter and asked her to do a quick shoot with me.

I wanted to not only test the light but wanted make sure what I saw in my mind, I’d be able to create.  We did and the images were gorgeous.  Fast forward one week.   One stinking week.  Two storms, 7 days… ALL of the flowers had been destroyed in the wind.  I threw a minor temper tantrum before this beautiful girl and her mother arrived.  Just a minor one.  I regrouped and came up with a new plan.  This beautiful girl and her mom came to Fort Worth, TX EARLY last Saturday morning.

Savannah is a beautiful girl.  I’ve photographed her before for a portfolio that her mother needed.  I knew she could do the jumps and poses that I envisioned so I was super excited to that she was able to meet me early in the morning.  What I didn’t know – was that the day before we met – it was her 13th birthday.  So, this is a little late… however, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!!

It was freezing cold and she was amazing.  I don’t know how her toes didn’t go numb… mine were 🙂   Dance Photography Beautiful Evolutions Fort Worth Texas

The light at this time of day just can’t be any prettier.  Can you believe she is ONLY 13??  This just blows my mind.  I love the relationship that she and her mom have.  They are friends, her mom helps coach her thru her dancing and her moments, I’m sure they don’t always get along… but I will just pretend they do.    Side note: I kept cracking myself up because I don’t know the official language for dance.  I don’t know the names of the jumps or the poses.  I’m sure they giggled all they way home listening to me be a goober trying to explain what I wanted her to do.  Regardless… we always have fun when we shoot together!

Dance Photography Beautiful Evolutions Fort Worth Texas

Before we left, we stepped around to the other side of this art piece… the sunlight coming in behind her kept tugging at my soul and my heart.  These are images I think every dancer should have.  This isn’t a technically awesome picture in the world of photography… but it’s beautiful.  And sometimes, you just need something to be beautiful… and not technical.

Dance Photography Beautiful Evolutions Fort Worth Texas

Thank you so much girls for playing with me on a chilly morning.  Savannah – I hope your birthday weekend was absolutely incredible!

Much Love to you both!