Double Oak Family Photography | Breckenridge Family

Double Oak Family Photography | Breckenridge Family

For this beautiful little family, I traveled up to Double Oak, Texas.  Sometimes it is just easier on mommy if I come to them.  With three little ones, it was definitely easier for me to hop in the car than it was for them.  On a crazy windy day, we met a local park in Double Oak and we laughed and played and got some of sweetest images of the Breckenridge Family.  Carrie is so blessed to be their mommy.

The Breckenridge Family

I met Carrie several months ago on a different project.  She immediately became someone that I knew we would be friends.  She has a kind soul and her life journey has been a twisty one, but through it all, she has these three beautiful babies.  Sweet giggles, crooked teeth and a personality that will give her a run for her money for years to come… she has three incredible children that just love her wildly.  She booked a mini session, which means that we have a much shorter amount of time to get the images.  However, I think we accomplished exactly what we set out to accomplish.  Carrie and her children will look at these images for years to come and only see sweet kisses and hugs and laughter.  Just what every mother hopes for their children.

outdoor family park session

Double Oak Family Photography

One of the greatest things about my job is that I get to explore new places.  I travel all over Texas and Oklahoma for my clients.  My hope is that 2018 takes us into other states as well.  Take a look at some of our other family sessions on the Beautiful Evolutions website – I would love for you to become a BE Family for this next year!

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