Downtown Fort Worth Family Photography | Bowman Family

Downtown Fort Worth Family Photography | Bowman Family

This family just rocks their family sessions.  We all leave feeling like we have just been on a roller coaster.  A teenager, twin boys, a dad that humors mom, and a mom that is ecstatic to have updated pictures.  We talked about a different location that we did last year, and the Bowman Family chose the Downtown Fort Worth location as I knew just the perfect place for her to have something different than the norm.

The Bowman Family

I just adore this family.  This will be the second time I’ve been asked to photograph their family as a whole.  There are so many dynamics and this family always leaves me smiling after their session.  The boys are… well they are boys.  Liam and Landry are twins and full of life and energy.  Lots of giggles and picking up sticks and running crazy around everyone.  You have to be on your A game with these two.  Kendal is a full blown pre-teen.  She’s full of sass and attitude…. she and I get along GREAT.  She is a gorgeous girl and I love photographing her.  The day we had their family session in Downtown Fort Worth, dad was not feeling so great.  He had injured his back and I knew we needed to move fast for him.  He was a good sport as always, he’s a little outnumbered.  As a side note: while the images are BEAUTIFUL and the location always gives me a pretty scene… the mosquitos were OUT OF CONTROL this day.  Poor little Liam was eaten alive by those little suckers… all puns intended.  My heart broke that after the first little area, he has several welps forming.  Regardless… I’m crazy in love with how their session turned out.

Downtown Fort Worth Family Photography

We love to photograph in this location as no matter what time of year, it’s just gorgeous.  Check out some of our other Life Inspired Family sessions over on the website.

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