Double Oak Family Photography | Breckenridge Family

Double Oak Family Photography | Breckenridge Family

For this beautiful little family, I traveled up to Double Oak, Texas.  Sometimes it is just easier on mommy if I come to them.  With three little ones, it was definitely easier for me to hop in the car than it was for them.  On a crazy windy day, we met a local park in Double Oak and we laughed and played and got some of sweetest images of the Breckenridge Family.  Carrie is so blessed to be their mommy.

The Breckenridge Family

I met Carrie several months ago on a different project.  She immediately became someone that I knew we would be friends.  She has a kind soul and her life journey has been a twisty one, but through it all, she has these three beautiful babies.  Sweet giggles, crooked teeth and a personality that will give her a run for her money for years to come… she has three incredible children that just love her wildly.  She booked a mini session, which means that we have a much shorter amount of time to get the images.  However, I think we accomplished exactly what we set out to accomplish.  Carrie and her children will look at these images for years to come and only see sweet kisses and hugs and laughter.  Just what every mother hopes for their children.

outdoor family park session

Double Oak Family Photography

One of the greatest things about my job is that I get to explore new places.  I travel all over Texas and Oklahoma for my clients.  My hope is that 2018 takes us into other states as well.  Take a look at some of our other family sessions on the Beautiful Evolutions website – I would love for you to become a BE Family for this next year!

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Downtown Fort Worth Family Photography | Bowman Family

Downtown Fort Worth Family Photography | Bowman Family

This family just rocks their family sessions.  We all leave feeling like we have just been on a roller coaster.  A teenager, twin boys, a dad that humors mom, and a mom that is ecstatic to have updated pictures.  We talked about a different location that we did last year, and the Bowman Family chose the Downtown Fort Worth location as I knew just the perfect place for her to have something different than the norm.

The Bowman Family

I just adore this family.  This will be the second time I’ve been asked to photograph their family as a whole.  There are so many dynamics and this family always leaves me smiling after their session.  The boys are… well they are boys.  Liam and Landry are twins and full of life and energy.  Lots of giggles and picking up sticks and running crazy around everyone.  You have to be on your A game with these two.  Kendal is a full blown pre-teen.  She’s full of sass and attitude…. she and I get along GREAT.  She is a gorgeous girl and I love photographing her.  The day we had their family session in Downtown Fort Worth, dad was not feeling so great.  He had injured his back and I knew we needed to move fast for him.  He was a good sport as always, he’s a little outnumbered.  As a side note: while the images are BEAUTIFUL and the location always gives me a pretty scene… the mosquitos were OUT OF CONTROL this day.  Poor little Liam was eaten alive by those little suckers… all puns intended.  My heart broke that after the first little area, he has several welps forming.  Regardless… I’m crazy in love with how their session turned out.

Downtown Fort Worth Family Photography

We love to photograph in this location as no matter what time of year, it’s just gorgeous.  Check out some of our other Life Inspired Family sessions over on the website.

downtown fort worth Life Inspired photographer beautiful evolutions photography

I would love to photograph your family in 2018, once you’ve looked around on the website – schedule a call with me to chat about getting on the 2018 calendar.

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Benbrook Stables Levi | Benbrook Family Photographer | Levi

Benbrook Stables Levi | Benbrook Family Photographer | Levi

Benbrook Stables, Benbrook Texas

Sweet Levi turns three and his momma said he has an incredible love for horses.  After deciding that neither of us had access quickly to horses and a beautiful piece of property, she suggested Benbrook Stables.  We were able to rent a horse and a trainer to make sure all went well.  Levi couldn’t have been a happier boy.  We walked the property with our horse and she was so kind and patient.  Levi’s mom told me that he is completely infatuated with horses… and let me tell you – he was in absolute heaven.  After we walked the property, we stopped for some family photos and to feed some of the horses that were already out in the pasture.  It was a perfect location for some awesome family images.

Benbrook Stables family photographer horses Beautiful Evolutions

Levi is three

He is all boy.  Full of life.  A mind of his own.  A force to be reckoned with.  Levi was so inquisitive and couldn’t wait to be done with me so he could feed the horses and see all of them.  We may or may not have bribed him with grass to keep him focused on the task at hand.  Have you ever tried to reason with a three year old and get them to sit still for .5 seconds??  No? Well let me tell you, it’s kinda like asking a the wind to not blow.  Three year olds will do what they want – when they want – and how they want.  This age is SUPER fun to photograph – because honestly, you just never know what you are going to get from them.  Levi kept me on my toes, but he gave me some fantastic images as well.   We had so much fun and I’m pretty certain we all slept really well that night.


Benbrook Stables family photographer levi Beautiful Evolutions

We are family

While the main focus of the session was for Levi and his birthday pictures, we went ahead and snuck in some family pictures.  If you know me, or have followed me for very long – you will know that I don’t do boring, sit still and smile pictures very well.  I want my families laughing, moving, loving each other.  It’s the emotions that are given when you ask everyone to snuggle in, or the laughter that bursts out of kids when you ask them who can laugh the loudest.  THOSE are the moments that should be documented.  Those the images that are priceless and will last a lifetime.  Sometimes as mommies we want that perfect picture where everyone is acting right and smiling just perfectly… but sometimes – its the moments that happen around that perfect picture that are so much better.

Benbrook Stables family photographer family Beautiful Evolutions

Thank you Charolette & Ashley for trusting me to document that milestone for Levi and for your family.  These images tell a beautiful story of your family in this moment, I hope you cherish them forever.

Happy Birthday Levi.

Much Love




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