Dylan, Class of 2017     {Martin High School}

Dylan, Class of 2017 {Martin High School}

Let me introduce you to Dylan, he is handsome and charming.   Dylan is graduating this spring from Martin High School, I am blessed to have him on my 2017 BE Street Team.


Dylan is current section leader in his band, Trumpet.  One of the greatest things about my seniors that are musically inclined is that I ask them to play or sing for me during their session.  It’s one way that allows them an opportunity to relax a little and helps me get to know them a little better.  Well… Dylan had other plans in mind.  While he didn’t technically play for me, I can only imagine how great he is if he has made it to be the section leader.


We rocked out Dylan’s senior session and around downtown Fort Worth.  His parents were absolutely wonderful and lugged around his clothes and trumpet for the whole session.  Thanks mom and dad!!

Dylan, you have great big dreams after school and I truly hope you find a path that sets your soul on fire.  Thank you for being so awesome during your session… and yes, I like your sideways look as well!  You are remarkable and I appreciate you for trusting me with some crazy ideas for our session.  I feel like we went on a small adventure… and it was so very worth it.


Much Love