Lifestyle Sessions {Kasey & Cristin}

Lifestyle Sessions {Kasey & Cristin}

Something that I absolutely love is the ability to photograph things the way my mind sees them.  I’m all for family pictures and the formal images that we all want to have of our families.  However, what I love even more is being able to tell a story.  A story of your love, your life, and the little moments that make it all worth while.  {don’t forget to get all the way to the bottom of the post to see the video from this session}


Because life works in funny ways… it took us three times to make this session happen.  However, if finally cooled off enough that we could really enjoy our time together and not melt in the Texas heat.

I approached Kasey with the idea of a lifestyle session.  I have seen several photographers do these and it’s always pulled at my heartstrings.  I LOVE the little details and the moments in between.  The moments when you think no one is watching and you are just living…


I’m super excited to share, what I hope is something I will have the opportunity to do more of, but a Beautiful Evolutions Lifestyle Session.  A date night….mid week with Kasey & Cristin.2016-10-28_0003



Thank you Kasey and Cristin for trusting me and my crazy ideas.

Much Love