They grow up before you know it. As a mom, it’s crazy to see our kids … that aren’t really kids anymore. They are growing up and they are amazing.

TJ set up this photo shoot, on his own. His momma didn’t even know until a few days before the scheduled date. I thought it was sweet that he wanted to do this and took the initiative to get all the details ironed out.

TJ & Maddie wanted some pictures done for Valentine’s day. Shy in front of the camera… absolutely not! So we rocked out some cute pictures, lots of laughing, and a few pieces of bubble gum… i think they each had three pieces in their mouths, trying to get a good bubble going 2012recap_0109.jpg

Mommas had to get a quick photo with each kid… beautiful mommas made beautiful babies…

One quick outfit change and maybe some of my favorite sports pics, ever!
The life led by a kid is a simple one; all they need is food for sustenance, water for hydration and an endless feat of imagination to transform any given time of day into a sporting event that will change the face of any game witnessed by man.

These made up sports are complete with teams on either side comprising of real or imaginary members with jerseys, a rule book, an unbiased referee and of course the team mascot that represents the team spirit and the nation’s pride. Even with endless possibilities thanks to their imagination, there are a few sports that the kids find absolutely irresistible.

Thank you, Maddie & TJ… you both are absolutely incredible!

Much love,