In A World Where You Can BE Anything… What Will You BE?

The BE Project was created as a wild idea between two girls – who have squirrels running wild in their minds.  So…. what IS The BE Project??  

 The BE Project is an annual photo project that focuses on positivity, growth and community.  All of the images are black and white and you as the subject choose your own word.  This word can be what you want to focus on for the upcoming year or maybe it’s a word that guides you thru life.  After you have been photographed with your word, you and I sit down to have a conversation about this word and why it is important to you.  This is your time to share your heart and your story.

The images are created to be your reminder throughout the year on what is important to you.

This project is done one week each year in January – click the link above to be added to the waitlist for next years project.



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