Every once in a while you come across people that impact your life and leave a lasting love for them.  The Jordan family came into my life back in 2006 (I think)… it’s been a long time.  I have loved them from the moment I met them.  2015-10-23_0002Curtis is crazy funny.  I would imagine he was the class clown in school.  Serious moments with him are few and far between.  He fights like crazy for his family and loves them endlessly.  He works like no one else I’ve ever seen.  Jenny is his love.  She’s a great balance of him.  She’s serious when he’s a goofball.  She devotes her time and energy to her boys.  An easy life, is NOT something they are accustomed to.  However, Love… that is something they have an abundance of and they give it freely.


Meet Wade.  Wade has cerebral palsy.  You can read his story over here Today is Where Your Book Begins.  Wade makes my heart happy.  I love to see him every chance I get, which is sadly not too often. Wade cannot speak to me with words. Wade cannot express his emotions to me with words. Wade can communicate in so many other ways.  With his eyes, with his body movements… with his smile.


Wade melts my heart.  He is by far the sweetest boy I have met.  There isn’t a moment that I am around him that I don’t want to love on him and hug him and hold him tight.  I would imagine his momma feels the same way.

Meet Jordan.  Jordan is a HAM.  Jordan is vivacious, full of life, full of giggles, and full of a great big love for his family.  He lights up a room just by walking in… and there is no doubt he is all boy.


Jordan adores his brother.  To see the two of them laugh and interact… it’s pretty incredible.


Curtis & Jenny – thank you for allowing me to capture your family in this moment.  I adore you and I love to watch your lives move forward.  Thank you for being a part of my life and allowing me to be a part of yours.


All my love!


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