When it rains in Texas… it rains.  I have rescheduled this family more times than I can count.  I woke up Saturday morning… said a prayer did a “no rain” dance… and thankfully it held off.


The wind.. the wind did not play nice.  Regardless, I am madly in love with these images.

Little Liam was so super shy.  Not uncommon for 3 year olds.  However, this is my strong game!  I love little ones and getting them to warm up.  It usually takes a few minutes to find out what will get them interested.  Liam took all of MAYBE 5 minutes.  Sticks!  He LOVED to find sticks … and of course running.  He is a boy through and through.


Every session I try to get families to loosen up a little bit and love on each other.  If you have had a session with me, you will that phrase often… just snuggle in and love on each other.

It’s these moments that turn out to be some of my favorite.  Running hugs.  Imperfectly posed, windblown and good genuine smiles that run all the way thru their eyes.

2015-12-15_0006 2015-12-15_0004 2015-12-15_0005

As I was preparing for the session… I did a little facebook prowling.  Hey!  Be nice, what better way to learn what exciting things are going on in your clients life 🙂

I saw that these two beautiful girls just recently got engaged.  I am so excited for them.  They look at each other and their live just sparks like a fire.  It is absolutely beautiful to see.


We were ending the session.  Liam was absolutely done.  Remember, he is 3… SHORT attention span for the crazy lady with the camera.  However, I had him run one more time to a tree far away.  He stopped and I grabbed this.  THIS is one I would love to see big on a wall.  BIG!  He’s such a sweet boy and is surrounded by love!


Thank you Tasha and Sarah for being patient with the weather and trusting me to be your photographer.  I wish you all the love and happiness!  Until we meet again for your next round… engagement session!!

Much Love!


p.s.  THIS MOMENT made my heart stop!  literally i almost dropped my camera.  Liam LOVED every single time they tossed him back and forth.




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