Engaged: Dewan and Patricia; Lost Oak Winery, Burleson TX

It’s not often that I get to photograph a surprise proposal.  Engagements… absolutely.  But to be able to plan out and document such a big moment.  It’s so amazing!

I had an event planned at Lost Oak Winery this past weekend to photograph some Valentine Mini sessions.  Well… little did I know, I had perfect timing for the weekend that we chose.  Up in Oklahoma City, a man named Dewan was making a big plan for a moment that would change the rest of his life.

Dewan called me and told me all of the big details.  He had planned a BIG date day and was going to propose to his girlfriend.  He already knew what he wanted to do and how we would orchestrate it.  Together, we came up with a good story and a valid reason for me being there (mini sessions were the perfect cover).  We nailed down the details of how to meet up, how to recognize each other and all the little loose ends were tied together.


I strolled over to them and gave them my big story, that I had spent all day photographing little kids and would love to spend some time photographing a couple that was so in love.  I told corny jokes.  I was my usual self, a complete dork.  It all worked perfectly.  Dewan and Patricia were amazing and we had so much fun with them.  They were full of love and laughter.


My favorite thing about Dewan and Patricia…. their laughter.  Let’s just be real for a minute… if you can’t laugh with each other, you are just missing out on the best thing in life.


So it was time… we actually had a really tight time frame to get everything done that Dewan had planned…. so I explained to Patricia that I had this idea that I wanted to see if I could make work.  (Side note: Dewan had seen a video that he wanted to try to recreate.  I think ours was WAY better.)  Patricia waits patiently for me to give her the cue.  She is supposed to turn around, throw the rose petals in the air and then Dewan will hug her tight.  What she wasn’t expecting was Dewan to be down on his knee…. she almost missed it 😉



All in one quick moment… you could see it in her eye.  She realized he wasn’t standing.  She realized he was down on one knee. Then she realized he was holding a beautiful diamond ring.


I’m pretty certain that everyone at Lost Oak Winery was crying and cheering along.  It was a beautiful moment and Dewan did such a great job of pulling of a fantastic surprise.    Their love for each other is amazing.  Not only is it strong, but it’s full of everything that counts.  They will have a beautiful life together.



But wait… that wasn’t the only surprise that Dewan had up his sleeve.  He had one more BIG thing planned for Patricia.  I’m sure in her mind, she NEVER dreamed of a date day like this.  They rode out to enjoy the sunset in a helicopter with Epic Helicopters…  How stinkin cool is that???




Congratulations Dewan and Patricia… I am so blessed to have been the one to document this big moment for you.  Thank you for trusting me!


By the way… My bags are already packed for New York… 😉



Much Love to you both


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