Several months ago, I came across another photographer that posted about a campaign he had started.  Thomas Nguyen is a photographer based out of Cincinnati that focuses on Seniors and Weddings.  In a private group on Facebook – he discussed this campaign and what the underlying thoughts were behind it.


There are several “true beauty” campaigns out and we all have our own take on them.  Project Beauty is different though… It’s raw, empowering and accurately depicts how beauty should be portrayed in social media. It has purpose and substance behind the message and the impact on our seniors is unlike anything I have ever seen before. As photographers, we have the opportunity to make an impact on our teens and seniors beyond what you can imagine and what Thomas has done with Project Beauty really taps into that. With Project Beauty , Thomas has said that this was a complete game changer for him. He told stories about how his girls began to come to him after with stories about how they had struggled with self -image and other mental health issues and that this campaign had an immense, positive impact on how they viewed themselves after the shoot.
Project Beauty - Beautiful Evolutions
We are working with girls struggling with depression, suicidal attempts, eating disorders, bullying, being victimized by sexual violence, fighting cancer and the list goes on.  The response has been consistent and overwhelming.  They want to figure out who they are, value themselves and embrace their true inner beauty!
We are not here to give you survival statistics, because let’s be honest; losing one girl is too many.  As photographers we can step forward and deliver a powerful message.  To be able to free these girls from the idea of perfection and empower them to not only feel confident about themselves, but embrace the flaws that make them so uniquely beautiful.  To also allow those to come forward that have the strength and courage to tell their story and serve as an ambassador and a voice to those that have none.
 I am proud to be a part of this campaign and honored to work with these girls.  Over the next few weeks you will see these girls and learn what their definition of True Beauty is…

This is Project Beauty – Beautiful Evolutions

We will soon be opening Project Beauty up to all current middle school & high school girls that want to be part of a larger purpose. To be added to the list, please click the link below and let us know.

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