Senior Tips & Tricks: Eyebrows speak louder than words

Question: Do our eyebrows have to be identical?

Fact: Your eyebrows renew themselves every 64 days

Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips and Tricks

    Eyebrows are an important part of our facial structure. They define the face. This is why it is important to maintain them and have them looking how you desire. One tip to always remember is, your eyebrows are sisters not twins. So it’s okay if they are not perfectly identical, it’s normal.

    You must maintain your eyebrows in a way that will not harm your body. We are all unique and have skin that reacts in different ways. Luckily there are various ways we can keep our brows in shape.

      A very common option is waxing. Let your eyebrows grow out for a few weeks or however long it takes for your hair to grow to get them waxed. This will make it easier to shape your eyebrows how you would like. I recommend to go to a professional instead of doing it yourself. Waxing can be difficult to do on your own. Once you find a professional to wax your eyebrows remember to specify exactly how you want your eyebrows to look.

      Another option is plucking, which is my preferred option. You can do this yourself and save money. All you need is a pair of tweezers and a compact mirror. You also do not have to wait for your eyebrows to grow out. Whenever there is an undesired hair you can easily pluck it.

      Lastly you can thread your eyebrows. This will also require a professional so they can do it properly and it is required to let your brows grow beforehand. Don’t forget to let the person who threads your eyebrows know how you want your eyebrows to look like. This way you will have the brows you hoped for.

     Once you get into a routine whether it’s going every other week to the salon or plucking them once a week you will know what works for you. You will begin seeing how long it takes for your eyebrows to grow back and how often you need to maintain them.

     Eyebrows are a staple to a makeup look, which is why we need them to be on point.

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