Ms. L scheduled her session as a Christmas gift to her husband.  He’s out on the road a lot and she wanted to make certain that she kept the passion going strong in their relationship.  She brought some amazing choices to wear for her session.  We were shooting a Calendar Girl session so she had more than enough images to choose from when we designed her calendar.

One of the greatest things about boudoir sessions is helping a woman see herself through someone else’s eyes.  Ms. L has gone thru some changes in her body of the years and she wanted to see herself the way her husband sees her.  She is a gorgeous woman and my hope is that she sees that her version of beautiful is strong and powerful.

Burleson Boudoir Photography In Studio


Boudoir Photography: Beautiful Evolutions

One of my biggest goals this year is to tell the stories of some of the women that come into our studio.  I think it is so important to see others being strong and doing photo shoots that are intimate and personal.  Boudoir Photography is my very favorite thing that I shoot.  I love being able to show women how to appreciate and love their bodies.  Society tells us that beauty is defined in certain ways… I completely disagree and think that each woman defines beauty in her own way.  Each woman that trusts me to book a session, is a strong woman and I hope that I show her just how powerful that can be.

If you are interested in seeing more of our boudoir work, you can our work on the Beautiful Evolutions website or you can request to join our Private (ladies only) VIP group on Facebook.

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Boudoir Sessions with Beautiful Evolutions Photography

You’ve made it this far and somewhere in your mind you are thinking…I would love to do one of these but…ummm that is scary.

Welcome to my favorite thing to photograph IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  I love photographing boudoir sessions, because this is my opportunity to show YOU just how incredible you are.  No matter your age, shape or size… this is for you. You might be thinking this would make a gift for a special someone – but can I be honest? This will be an incredible gift for YOU! 

My promise to you is that I will walk you thru each step of this and make sure you feel ready and confident.  Turn around time is same day for these sessions…because let’s be real – waiting is hard.  Let me custom design a session that fits your version of beautiful and your comfort level. 

 Ready to book your session or maybe just want some additional info? Simply head over to our Boudoir Session page and click the button to get details & emailed over to you.

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Much love