Have you ever really sat down and really thought about your why? Your reason for doing the job you do every day? Whether you work a corporate job for someone else, or you are an entrepreneur and building a business. Why do you do what you do? What is it that makes what you do important?  What is it about you that makes you stand out?

I can’t really answer those questions for you… but I can share with you my why. I can tell you why I do the things I do and what my purpose is.

I can think way back in my little life and tell you that my purpose was always to help others. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a pediatric physical therapist. I didn’t want to work with grownups because they tend to see defeat and lack the ability to believe in the impossible. Today, I want to help people grow their self confidence and rediscover their version of beautiful. I want to help others see the possibilities are truly within them and they just have to be strong enough to grab ahold of it and run.

So, let’s talk a little bit about this in a work related conversation. Think about your industry. Is it over saturated? Does it feel as though there are SO many people doing the same thing you are doing? What is it that sets you apart and makes you stand out from those hustling for the same customers?

I can only talk to you in photography terms.. but feel free to insert your industry into the same conversation.

For me as a photographer… I can’t say I’m the best. I’m far from it…SO very far from the best. However, let’s face it, you can take some really killer pictures with a phone now. What makes me stand out is… well, it’s me. it’s what I bring to the table. I photograph men and women in all of the genres I shoot, but what where I thrive… that’s photographing women. I want to photograph women and help them see past their body image issues and insecurities.

Let’s take high school seniors… gosh I can’t imagine growing into my own skin and trying to figure out who I am with all the things in social media flying at them. Oh. Wait. yes I can. I totally get it. I look at at women on instagram, and think “i wish my hair looked like that, I wish my stomach wasn’t near as squishy as it is, I wish that my skin looked as flawless as hers.” I get it girl. So, when I talk to my senior clients and their parents, I want them to know that I see them. I hear them. I want to show them just how beautiful they are without all the extra editing and “stuff”. I want each girl to get her hair and makeup done and still feel like herself. I want her to love her experience and her images and get a big ol’ cheesy smile each time she sees her images pop up somewhere.

My headshot clients…. these ladies are hustling. They are trying to prove to the world, their friends, and themselves that they are going to make it and they are going to take over the world…. but first, they just need to get the dreaded headshot done. I want my clients to sit and talk with me, tell me about their business. Tell me about their dreams. I want them to relax just enough to let that drive and passion shine thru their eyes.

My boudoir ladies… oh these ladies will forever be my passion. Boudoir is so much more than sexy images, so much more than stripping down and revealing your body. It’s about learning and rediscovering what makes you beautiful and what makes you stand out to the world. Boudoir to me, is about remembering that you are so much more than “just a mom, or a kid taxi driver, or just a hard worker… I want to show each of my boudoir clients that they are worthy of feeling beautiful. They are worthy of doing something to feed their soul and remember how incredible they truly are.

So….my why? Why do I do what i do and how do I stand out amongst a sea of other photographers… I want to help break down someone’s barriers, insecurities, show them that having your picture taken isn’t as scary as you think it might be, because on the other side of it… you might just find you are more than you believed.

Tell me, what is your why? Why do you get up each day and hustle to grow your business? Why do you get up each day and go to work?