The BE Project 2022 – Nikki – Beautiful Evolutions Photography

The BE Project – In a world where you can be anything…. What will you be?

Meet Nikki.  She is one of those women that she powerful in a small package.  She is mighty.  She is wise.  She is quite possibly someone that I could sit and talk with all day long.  I almost need to block out extra time for her.  She is truly a remarkable woman and it is MY HONOR to have her return and participate in this project.


What word did you choose and why?


“For me this year, I have learned to be selective of the most valuable thing we have, time.  I’ve chosen to invest my time with people and things that are important and to let go of the rest.  It’s healthy to have boundaries – it’s ok to say no.  It doesn’t make me hard or horrible, it means I love me.  I would rather invest in those that love me and support me and are positive.  When I give negative energy to an audience, I am saying it is ok – and it is not ok.  

I am learning to be alone and be ok.  I am learning to be protective of my space.  Freedom can be scary – but it is amazing.  I had to give myself permission to make the changes and to do the things that I wanted to do – or didn’t want to do – I’m learning to be selective of my time and energy. 

The more I choose me – the more I find I have time. I’m going to be selective and I’m going to spend that time on what is important to me.   I don’t ever want to look back and say I shoulda, coulda, woulda… It will be I am, I will, I do.  

I can be all the things… but i can also say no.