The BE Project – In a world where you can be anything…. What will you be?

Meet Tanya – sometimes even with the brightest smiles – we still struggle to quiet the voices in our minds.  However, I hope that when she comes back to me in a year – she sees her value stronger than she does today.

What word did you choose and why?


I never think I am enough.  This year i decided that i want to change my mindset.  I’m pretty, skinny, smart, funny enough. This is the start of my transition into thinking better things.  I want to set a good example for my 24 year old daughter.

Why focus on this now?

I decided this was the year because i am not in a good place – something has to change.  Perhaps if start thinking positively i will change my mindset.  I want my health to get better without up and down dieting.  I want to change me to help her focus on the positive. 




The BE Project with Beautiful Evolutions Photography

The BE Project was created in 2016.  Two crazy girls had an idea and it came to life on a napkin at lunch one day. They partnered with a local jeweler, Woolards Custom Jewelry and a beautiful necklace was created.  What began as a marketing campaign turned in to an annual photo project that has allowed people to share a word that is important to them and why that word guides them.  Each year, in January, the project opens back up for registrations.  One week is dedicated to photographing the incredible people that want to join us.  All images are black and white to keep from any distractions.  Just the human and their word.

Head over to THE BE Project page read some of the incredible stories that have been shared with us. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email at or give us a call at 817-564-3068. 


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