Miss R | Dallas/Fort Worth Boudoir Photography

Miss R | Dallas/Fort Worth Boudoir Photography

Ms. R | Dallas / Fort Worth Boudoir Photography

Do you ever wonder why someone books a boudoir session?  I do.  I always wonder what the motivating factor is behind their decision.  I know, that after its all said and done, they are NEVER disappointed.  I do however, wonder what causes someone to stop wishing… and take that leap.  Miss R, was one that I was curious as to why she was booking her session.  She’s a photographer as well, so that always makes me a little extra curious.  However, it also reminds me, that we all have our own strengths… and I hope that one of mine, is that I help women feel comfortable enough to book a session and empowered enough to celebrate that session.

Miss. R booked her session for her wedding anniversary. It was a milestone anniversary… and I have a feeling – she may have a tough time topping this years’ gift.  She’s a beautiful woman to begin with – but isn’t it funny, how most of the time as women – we just don’t see it.  She is a mom, a wife, a little bit of everything… and it was my honor to help her see what the rest of the world sees.  She was able to set aside the crazy chaos of the world for a few hours with me… and in return – I gave her back the woman she had forgotten about.

Long hair booty shot

woman sitting on bed

woman laying down looking at camera

Miss. R, you are a stunning woman.  Congratulations on your anniversary and here is to many more.

Thank you for taking a leap and booking your session.  My hope is that you never forget to celebrate yourself and the love that surrounds you.

woman climbing into bed

Boudoir Photography with Beautiful Evolutions

Boudoir Sessions are almost always booked as a gift for someone else.  It’s a good “reason” to do a session and maybe not feel so selfish and frivolous.  However, what if one day.. everything was about you?  What if, just for one day, you didn’t have to focus on what everyone else in your world needed?  A boudoir session with me, Brooke, is a day to find the woman that you may have forgotten about.  I will guide you thru each step of the process.  We bring in someone to do your hair and makeup.  I walk you thru ever single pose and the full experience.  You can see some of our other boudoir work here.  Girl! I know it’s a scary thing sometimes to step outside of your box.  What I want you to remember… because I know you are contemplating it… is that you are worth it.  You are worth being pampered and having BEAUTIFUL images and portraits of yourself.  They can be as “sexy” as you want them to be.  My biggest goal… is that you walk away from your session seeing yourself thru someone else’s eyes and that you truly are remarkable.


all my love


2020: Fear

2020: Fear


Have you ever had an idea… and then got really scared of it?  Scared of how will you get it all done, how will you let go to ask for help, what if it’s a total flop.

Then.. you decide to just ignore it. Set it aside and find other things to focus on.  No?  Well, you better just scroll on to the next story then.

Me… I struggle with this all.the.time.  ALL the time.

I have these really great ideas, I obsess over them, plan them out, do my research, maybe even kinda start going down the path with it.  Then… somewhere in the middle of it, I get overwhelmed, I get scared, I let the voices on the inside… get louder than anything.

Gosh those voices can be obnoxious and hateful.

Fun fact about me, I like to read and listen to podcasts.  I’m a constantly soaking up information.  Fear, however, is one thing I have not learned how to overcome.  Some days, I just pretend to be an ostrich and put my head in the sand and ignore it… and some days I sit in a place of fear and struggle to find my way out.   I have yet to find that “trick” that one way to overcome it.  My goal every day is to be a better person.  Have you ever really stopped to think about what all that means?

For me, it means:

I want to be kinder than I was the day I lost my temper.

I want to be a better business person than I was last week.

I want to get organized and stay organized.

I want to be a better friend.

I want to not get so lost in the “work”.

I want to not live in fear of failing.

Fear… When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it, I fear failing.  I fear disappointing those who have believed in me.  I fear hurting someone because of my words or actions.

All of these things… I do often.  So, I try each day to be better.

When my wife says that I’m being short with my words or tone, I try to make a conscious effort to speak with a calm voice and not speak before thinking.  It doesn’t always work that way… but I try.  I try not to fail her. I try not to fail my marriage.

girl on beach

So many people tell me “I don’t know how you do it all”.  Let me be very honest with you.  I can’t do it all.  I fail almost daily at something in my juggling act.  However, I try to have ownership of what I am doing, or not doing, and I try to be better each and every day. I choose every day not to dwell on fear and negativity.  Some days that means avoiding… however, I try.  I get up each day and try. Try to be kinder, a better business owner, a better wife, more organized, a better friend, a better human.

Here is what I do know.  Fear keeps us from moving forward.  Fear causes more anxiety and stress.  So I have made a promise to myself to write down all the steps to move forward and to tackle them one at a time.  I trust the knowledge and believe that I was made for more than fear.  I believe that we each have something bigger we are meant to do.  I fight for each of my clients to find their worth and their value when I photograph them.  I fight this same fight for myself.

In case you didn’t know it, I will fight for you as well.

How do you work thru your fears?



Head Shot Photos for Marnie Smith, VP, DFW Sales Manager | DFW Head Shot and Brand Photographer

Head Shot Photos for Marnie Smith, VP, DFW Sales Manager | DFW Head Shot and Brand Photographer

Head Shot Photos for Marnie Smith, VP, DFW Sales Manager

I’ve been fortunate enough to have Marnie as a repeat client.  She truly understands the importance and value of making sure she has current head shots.  I absolutely love working with her, because if you know her… you know she has a personality and a smile that just makes the room a little lighter.  Marnie was recently promoted to VP, DFW Sales Manager for WFG National Title Insurance Company.  I really am not sure they know what a great human they have now.  Marnie has so much experience in the Title industry, but more importantly, her passion for connecting with people is what sets her apart.  While she has always been the one to find business… now she is leading the area and helping others grow.  I absolutely cannot wait to see how she soars in this position.

business woman headshot

I am now in management for a title insurance company. I recruit and hire, and manage the business development managers. What makes me unique is that I am passionate about my company and the people that I work with. I truly love people and I believe that makes a huge difference in the lives of others.

I work with lenders, and real estate agents, and now my clients are my employees, My ideal client is someone who is passionate about life as I am.

Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang I learned that people may reject what I am asking, but aren’t rejecting me as a person.

Lipstick Ha!

Pray, and meditate

Love everyone, we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Don’t ever give up on yourself, you can do anything that you want to do.

Spend time with my kids, family, and my boyfriend and friends. Fun is doing anything with any of them.

How can potential clients contact you? (Email, phone, website, SM links)

Marnie Smith

Head Shot & Branding Photography with Beautiful Evolutions

Head Shots… does just the name of it make you cringe?  There are not many people that actually look forward to getting their head shots done.  However, with the right photographer… it should be an easy process.  My goal before every session is to understand what your business is, what you want out of your head shots, what type of message you want to send to your potential clients.  These things all play a factor in a successful head shot session.  When you book a head shot or branding session with me, we will dig in a little bit so that we get you more than “just one decent picture”.  I want you to really love your images and USE them.  You are paying for a session… you should get the most out of them!  Want a little more info?  You can head over to the portfolio page here –> Head Shot Portfolio or you can click the button below to get the pricing details and some email info.

Adriana’s Senior Session | Burleson High School | DFW Senior Photographer

Adriana’s Senior Session | Burleson High School | DFW Senior Photographer

Adriana’s Senior Session | Burleson High School | Class of 2020

Sweet Adriana came into the studio with her mom to meet me before her session.  It wasn’t her beauty that stood out, it was her kind soul and her soft, sweet voice. She is a sweet girl and just knew she wanted pretty pictures.  Her mom only had one request, and that was angel wings .

Girl in denim jacket in studio photo shoot

senior girl in angel wings

Side note: I actually have angel wings in the studio – it was ironic and nothing either of them knew ahead of time.  There is a backstory with the wings, each woman in her family has had a picture with wings at some stage in their childhood. So I knew exactly how to make it happen for her.  What I didn’t know, was that once Adriana got done with hair and makeup … she stood in her own confidence and power.  Her shy, sweet demeanor changed and she transformed into a confident girl that moved as though she could take on the world.
Adriana is a Senior at Burleson High School and is planning to go to school to start her
 career in the medical field.  One of the things we always ask our seniors is “What are you most proud of?” Adriana’s answer was “I am most proud of attending college for a reading program that was limited for some seniors at TCU”. Girl, You should be proud!! I think that is an incredible accomplishment.

Girl in studio photo shoot in black and red dress

Adriana: Challenged/ Confidence
Thank you for allowing me to be your senior photographer.

Girl in denim jacket in studio photo shoot black and white

Beautiful Evolutions Senior Sessions

Interested in learning more or booking one of our senior sessions? You can see more information here on our website: Beautiful Evolutions Seniors. We offer mini and full sessions – all of our full sessions include full hair and makeup. Each senior can choose an in-studio session or an outdoor session at a location of their choice. We will help you will all the planning and details to get you ready for your big day.
Bowman Family Bringing in the 20s | Burleson Family Photographer

Bowman Family Bringing in the 20s | Burleson Family Photographer

The Bowman family is FULL of life.   They keep me on my toes and I adore them.  You have personalities of every degree and they make this little family so perfect.  Every year, mom tells me that I’ve got my hands full and that I am brave to deal with her crazy little family.  What she doesn’t know is that I adore her family.  Their kind of crazy is what makes it so fun every year.  I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we will move fast and furious… and create some beautiful images that tell the story of their family in this moment at små-lån uten kredittsjekk.

This year, due to sickness and holiday schedules… our holiday family shoot got moved to the beginning of the year.  She wanted something that celebrated the new decade.  Glitter, Sequins and puppies… all of it.

boy in alley with puppy boy in alley black and white siblings siblings in alley teen girl in sequin skirt families in urban area mom and kids in alley dad and kids in alley Parent's standing together with baby french bulldog

I love her session.. and I love her family.

Sister and twin boys jumping

Here’s to 2020… make it amazing!