Do you need more than just a headshot?  Fort Worth Headshot and Brand Photographer

Do you need more than just a headshot? Fort Worth Headshot and Brand Photographer

As a headshot photographer, I hear it all the time, I just need one good headshot.  Let’s face it, head shots are a little bit of a pain in the booty.  You search for the right head shot photographer, you get your hair and makeup done, you drive to the location and meet this person that you probably have never met before only to stand their awkwardly and pray that something turns out ok enough to use.  Sound familiar?   What if I told you that I wanted to partner with you and really understand where your business is today and where you want it to go?  Are you at a loss for how to get your target clients attention on social media, knowing that your industry is over-saturated and you just hope your post floats by the right person at the right time?  What if I told you that I could help you create a social media content strategy and together we can up your game?

Head Shots or Brand Photography?  Which one is for you?

I have a lot of clients that book me for head shots.  They need just one quick head shot because they need to update their profile picture on LinkedIn or Facebook.  We spend about 30-45 minutes together and they get some killer images.  As they are reviewing their images, they start to realize that they look really great and can all of a sudden now think of a few more places they could use these photos.  We planned their wardrobe well enough that they could even switch out a few new ones over the next couple of months.  Win-Win right?  Yes, you got a great new updated head shot.  You get a LOT of likes and comments about how great you look… but then what?  You booked a standard head shot session… mission accomplished.

DFW Women headshots

However, have you thought about how you are going to stand out in your industry?  Are you fighting to prove to your target clients that you are THE best person for the job?  Are you hustling every day to get a meeting with someone new and hope that they have seen something you have posted recently… anything?  With Brand Photography, I can help you create a plan for your social media marketing and provide the visual content to go along with it.  Think about the companies that you follow or that attract your attention.  They are very deliberate in what they post, and look hard… it’s not always about sales.  Brand Photography is about digging deep and giving visual images to tell your story on a deeper level.  A head shot session may give you a handful of updated images of your pretty face, but a Brand Photography session will give you over 50 images that tell your story and can help you have relevant content over the next year.


DFW Brand Photography Client Collage

Head Shot and Brand Photographer

This has quickly become some of my favorite type of sessions.  I have really enjoyed meeting so many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs and learning more about how they are out their hustling every day to find success.  I would love to schedule a consultation call with you and see if I can help you grow your business as well.  Be sure to check out some more of our sessions over on the website.  Want to schedule a consultation call with me to see if this is might be a good option for you?

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Beth and Jessica Are Married, Chapel Dulcinea {Austin, TX Wedding Photography}

Beth and Jessica Are Married, Chapel Dulcinea {Austin, TX Wedding Photography}

It is always such an honor when someone asks us to photograph their wedding.  This is one day that will mean the most to the couple.  It is our chance to tell their story through images and give them something that they can look at for the rest of time and remember the love and emotion they share.  It is even more special when we have the privilege to call them friends.  We were so honored that these two beautiful girls wanted us to be their wedding photographers and celebrate with them.

Beth and Jessica – Getting Ready

Beth and Jessica reached out several months ago to talk about their wedding and what they had planned.  I knew it would be beautiful and perfect suited for them.  I had never had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at Chapel Ducinea, so I was even more excited to see this beautiful Chapel.  Beth and Jessica had planned a very private ceremony in one of the prettiest places to get married.  Beth’s son Lorenz was a part of their day and that made it so much more special for everyone.  The weather may not have been playing nice for us this day, but their sweet smiles shined through and the day was just perfect.  Jessica’s sister Gracie was also there, to help coordinate everything and also to help with Lorenz.  Jessica started her day with hair and makeup while Beth and Lorenz had a quiet morning at the hotel.  Before long, it was time to get everyone dressed and ready to go.  We decided to get some pictures at the hotel, Lone Star Court – because it was just way too cute.  It was quirky, cute and just so perfect for Austin.

wedding details lone star court mom getting son ready

bride getting dress on

bridal portraits lone star court

bride and bride portraits brides and son

Beth and Jessica – The Ceremony

We made the drive over to the chapel and were just completely taken aback by the view.  As soon as Melissa and I arrived, I knew this would be the perfect location for their ceremony.  It was cold.  So not normal for Austin, TX, but oh my gosh it was cold.  Thankfully, Jessica had a beautiful fur stole to wrap up in while we took some pictures before the ceremony started.  Jessica and Beth said their vows to each other and professed their love in front of two of their most important people.  Lorenz, well, he wasn’t EXACTLY focused on the ceremony… but he was excited as well.  They smiled and giggled as they exchanged rings and before we knew it, it was time to make it official.

bride at chapel dulcinea bridal portraits chapel dulcinea overlook pre wedding pictures

It may have been cold – but this ceremony was beautiful and full of love.  I keep looking at these images and I am so thankful this is where they chose to get married.  What an incredible place to celebrate your love for each other.

details at chapel dulinea chapel dulcinea ceremony bridal portraits


Chapel Dulcinea – The Chapel

If you have never seen the story of Chapel Dulcinea, you are missing out.  Their website describes it best: “Chapel Dulcinea sits daringly on the edge of an ancient walking trail on the Wizard Academy campus, approximately 20 minutes southwest of downtown Austin. Yes, it’s an outdoor chapel and the weather isn’t always perfect.  But life is like that, isn’t it?  Anything can happen. Walk into your marriage with open eyes, ready for whatever might come your way, even on your wedding day.”   If that doesn’t make you fall in love with it just by reading it, I just don’t know about you.  While their words fit it perfectly, you just cannot imagine the view.  What makes it so fantastic, besides all of that… it is free. They work strictly off of donations.

final kiss chapel dulcinea

Beautiful Evolutions: Wedding Photographers

I know I said this earlier, but we truly do feel an immense honor when someone trusts us to document their wedding day.  Melissa and I take a lot of pride in the work we do.  In reality, we look at it as much more than just taking pictures.  We want to make sure that your day is just as you imagined.  We want to be a partner with you and do what we can to help your dream day become a reality.  Beth and Jessica, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to be a part of your day, to document your love, and to be a witness to your wedding.  We wish you all the best in this world and all the happiness and love you can share between each other.

Check out this video to see Beth and Jessica’s special day.  Congratulations to you both!

bridal portraits chapel dulcinea ceremony details at chapel dulinea pre wedding pictures bridal portraits chapel dulcinea overlook bride at chapel dulcinea brides and son bride and bride portraits

bridal portraits lone star court

Portrait Photographer Beautiful Evolutions 2018

bride getting dress on

Portrait Photographer Beautiful Evolutions 2018

mom getting son ready wedding details lone star court

All my love


Little Elm Family Photographer | Koiner Family

Little Elm Family Photographer | Koiner Family

Laura has been talking about getting her family pictures done for a few years.  I’ve done a couple of sessions for her personally and this past fall, she finally decided to book a family session in Little Elm, Texas.  I would love to photograph more Little Elm Family sessions because it truly has some beautiful hidden areas.  What made this session even more special was that Laura’s paren’t’s came into town from Kansas and we made it an extended family session.

Laura and her family

Laura and her husband have three beautiful children.  At first glance they appear pretty shy, but let me tell you… they are just waiting for you to not pay attention.  These three kids are just so sweet. This is a fun age, because they see such wonder in the world and teach us adults to see it through their eyes.  All three kids adore their parents… but let me tell you, no one holds a candle to their grandparents.  Laura’s mom and dad came into town so that they could be included in the session.  If you have ever heard me talk about family picture – I am a big advocate for being present in your pictures and making sure that you have your parents photographed as well.  Think about this… when your kids grow up and move out, most parents do not see the purpose in getting their pictures done.  However, there will come a day when their grandkids will look at all of the pictures and wonder why there are no more pictures of their grandparents.  I am so happy that Laura had them come into town.  These images will be cherished for years to come by Laura’s parents, Laura as well as her kids.

As an aside, a few weeks after this session, Laura’s father had a serious medical emergency.  Before I continue… I am happy to say that he is recovering and is on the road to being healthy once again.  I received a text from Laura as she rushed to Kansas to be with her parents and she told me how thankful she was that she had these images of him, not knowing what the outcome will be.  I am thankful that she has them as well.  It’s not often that we like to think about these things – but my hope is that Laura values this pictures just a little more now.

Little elm family session lake

Little Elm Family Photographer

I really just can’t begin to tell you how beautiful Little Elm, Texas is.  I look forward to the next family session up there.  I think a summer beach session just might need be planned 🙂  In the meantime – head over to the Beautiful Evolutions website to see some more of our family sessions.

Much Love


Fort Worth Head Shots | Kim

Fort Worth Head Shots | Kim

Kim contacted me because she needed some updated head shots because she is pursuing her career in Comedy. Being a Fort Worth Head Shots Photographer, I get to meet a lot of interesting people. Kim was fantastic and kept us laughing the whole time.

Fort Worth Head Shots – Kim Wadsworth

When Kim reached out to get some new head shots – I knew it was going to be a fun day.  She is working hard to chase her dream of working as a comedian.  I can tell you now, one thing on my 2018 list is to make certain we attend one of her shows.  Fort Worth Head Shots are “usually” a very standard session.  I photograph a big group of realtors… suits, perfectly polished, and very standard.  Kim came in and I instantly got excited to photograph her.  Blue hair, piercings and a personality that lights up a room.  She was pretty nervous when we started, Kim had never had true head shots done before.  So I quickly explained how the session would work and what she could expect.  We went thru the wardrobe options she brought in and what kind of vibe she wanted.  We started off pretty traditional and then moved into a much more casual vibe.  She may have come in pretty nervous – but by the end of the session…she was rocking it.

fort worth comedian head shot photographer

Fort Worth Head Shots Photography

Head Shot Photography is something that I think we overlook.  How often have you used that “head shot” from the brick wall by your front door?  Or perhaps you used the seat belt selfie that made your eyes look pretty.  Your Head Shot is more important than the business card you are passing out every day.  Think back to the last networking event you attended.  Maybe you had some really great conversations.  Perhaps you connected with a few people that you think could really benefit from your business.  A few days later you sit down to follow up with those people that you met, only to realize you have a handful of business cards with nothing but names and you can no longer remember which business card belonged to that person you connected with.  Now, think about the business cards that have updated heads shots on them.  You immediately know that was the one you enjoyed a conversation with.  Let me help you keep your social marketing moving in the right direction.  Check out some of our recent head shot sessions and be sure schedule a call with me to discuss getting yours updated.

fort worth and dallas head shot photography


Double Oak Family Photography | Breckenridge Family

Double Oak Family Photography | Breckenridge Family

For this beautiful little family, I traveled up to Double Oak, Texas.  Sometimes it is just easier on mommy if I come to them.  With three little ones, it was definitely easier for me to hop in the car than it was for them.  On a crazy windy day, we met a local park in Double Oak and we laughed and played and got some of sweetest images of the Breckenridge Family.  Carrie is so blessed to be their mommy.

The Breckenridge Family

I met Carrie several months ago on a different project.  She immediately became someone that I knew we would be friends.  She has a kind soul and her life journey has been a twisty one, but through it all, she has these three beautiful babies.  Sweet giggles, crooked teeth and a personality that will give her a run for her money for years to come… she has three incredible children that just love her wildly.  She booked a mini session, which means that we have a much shorter amount of time to get the images.  However, I think we accomplished exactly what we set out to accomplish.  Carrie and her children will look at these images for years to come and only see sweet kisses and hugs and laughter.  Just what every mother hopes for their children.

outdoor family park session

Double Oak Family Photography

One of the greatest things about my job is that I get to explore new places.  I travel all over Texas and Oklahoma for my clients.  My hope is that 2018 takes us into other states as well.  Take a look at some of our other family sessions on the Beautiful Evolutions website – I would love for you to become a BE Family for this next year!

All my love