Making a Difference

Making a Difference

It’s funny really.  The way things happen.  The way God’s timing can be absolutely incredible and make you sit and be thankful for things that probably do not matter to anyone else.

The timing of this is a little bittersweet.  A photographer in our local community is battling cancer for a 2nd time.  She is a mom and wife, first and foremost, but also a well respected woman in our local community.  God speed and prayers for a healthy journey.

Several years ago… when I was still fine tuning my shooting style and jumped into a big ol’ world of business and all that THAT word means… I met a group of ladies.  A group of people that have always believed in me and have nudged me along the way.  While the original intent of that group fell apart, the purpose of it and what they stood for, has never left me.

Because of this group of women I met a beautiful woman.  A woman that was a cancer survivor and wanted to feel beautiful after multiple surgeries and an ugly disease, left her physically, mentally and emotionally scarred.  457382_10150947477690934_1726742237_o

It was during this session, that something in me changed.  My direction, my purpose for my photography… something in my soul.  I knew that I wanted my photography to do something that mattered.  I wanted to create images that affected someone and made a difference in their life.

I knew that I either wanted to work with children and or I wanted to work with cancer patients and survivors.  There are several organizations that do work in both of these areas in regards to photography.   I became a part of one several years ago called Inspiration Through Art.  Sadly, this group is no longer in existence.

I’ve kept my eye on a few others and have waited until I felt the timing was right – and that the group truly believed in something I could stand behind.

Today, I am happy to announce, that I have joined the Magic Hour group.  http://magichour.org

“Magic Hour’s roots run all the way back to 2007. Photographers Alysa and Alan had received a call from a church member, Ted, who had been sick with an unknown ailment for over a year. His daughter was offering to sell her car so they could afford to pay for a family portrait session. Alysa and Alan told her to keep the car, and did the photo shoot for free. Ted passed away ten days later, and when they attended the memorial, they were surprised to see their images everywhere. That session changed their notion of the power of the camera.

They decided to start the Magic Hour Foundation, named specifically after the yellow light that highlights the morning and evening of everyday. By providing free photo shoots, they would be able to capture the beauty and triumph of more courageous people… and Ted’s light would go on glowing.”

If you have ever talked with me, you know that I believe that everyone should invest in photography.  Maybe it is not something you do every year, but you have probably heard me speak to the importance of being present in this moment, no matter your age, size, or whatever else it is that you are worried about. Our photographs are all we have left after we are gone or can no longer tell our story.

I am honored to be a part of a group that is doing amazing things for those affected by cancer.  I have no idea how involved I will be with this group.  What I do know, if it allows me to connect with one person, and make a difference in their life, and give them something they might not have been able to have… It will all be worth it.

I still have big dreams about my photography and how I can make a difference… but today… this is a step in the right direction.

All my love



August 2015 Boudoir

August 2015 Boudoir

Out of all of the different sessions I shoot… boudoir is my absolute favorite.  There is so much power in letting go, and trusting someone else to photograph you.  There is power in doing something that is just for you.  Yes, someone else may get the benefit of these images… but just the fact that you spent time getting your hair and makeup done, spent time doing something that you would not normally do, stepping out of your comfort zone… it is empowering.

Boudoir photos are a great “sexy” gift for someone you love.  But they are oh so much more.  These photos are for you.  They document how incredible you are in this exact moment and just how bad ass you are.

This beauty… she is quiet, she is mild mannered, she is graceful in all she does in life.  She is kind, she is a care taker, a wife, a friend and so many other words can be used to describe her.  I adore her.  She is not only a client, first and foremost she is a friend. I am blessed to have her in my life and thankful that our worlds intersected.

She is beautiful.2015-08-10_0002

She is sexy.2015-08-10_0001

She is standing a little taller today after viewing her images… just as she should be.

All my love,


My Photography Style

My Photography Style

There are so many photographers around.  How do you know which one is right for you?  Is it worth the money, it seems so expensive?

The reality is… booking a photo session is a luxury, but also a necessity if you place the value on the right things.  Think about it this way… your children are only this age for a very short time.  Your lives are only in this place for a fleeting moment.  Have you ever sat down and looked through old pictures with your family?  How special is it to see your parents as young people?  2015-07-27_0001

These moments pass by so quickly and photographs are all we will have to be able to tell our stories after we can no longer do so.


With so many photographers around, how do you know which one to choose?  My advice is this, look at their images.  Look through the photos posted and decide if you are drawn to them.  Do you love the colors?  Do you love how casual everyone looks?  Do you prefer the images that are very posed and structured?  Do you like that the people that are captured have their hair and make up done?  These are all very important things to consider when choosing your photographer.

My goal in each session is to capture a little bit of someone’s personality and soul.  I want to create images with my clients that truly tell a story.  My style… is casual, and fun, bright colors, soft and romantic images.  I love when the wind blows someone’s hair just right.  I love when your child refuses to have their pictures taken… and I manage to get 5 minutes, when they aren’t paying attention and I see them… I really see them. 2015-07-27_0005 I love images that show the world that in the midst of all the chaos… this is who you are, right now, in this moment, this weight, this smile… beautiful, just being you.

What I am not… I am not a photographer that takes extremely posed images.  I do not want my clients to look heavily made up.  I am not going to shoot your images in a studio.  I am not going to overly edit all of your images and make you appear to be someone that you really are not. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with images like this.  I still look at some of them and think, wow, that photographer is great.  But it is not my style.  It is not who I am… I want to stay true to my heart and my passion.2015-07-27_0003

Photography can be expensive.  I know.  I get it.  I’m on a budget as well.  However, I also know the value of having images that move my soul and allow me to look back at different points in my life.  I smile, I cry, I run through every emotion with every picture.  So yes, it’s a luxury to book a photo session.   But I also see it as a necessary… life is so busy – what a fabulous gift to be able to stop it in a moment and capture that moment for a lifetime. 2015-07-27_0002

Find a photographer that will take the time to connect with you.  I love that my clients become my friends.  I love that I could call any of my past clients and meet for happy hour or dinner.  I am blessed every single time a photograph someone to get to know them and be a part of their lives.  Thank you to all of my past clients that have become friends, and hello to those of you I have not yet had the chance to meet yet.

Much Love


Stevie… A day just for her

Stevie… A day just for her

As women, we tend to forget to do things for ourselves.  We take the pictures.  We make sure that everyone else is taken care of.  We do so much for everyone else.  It is so rare that we stop long enough to do for ourselves.

2015-07-25_0003Stevie realized a couple of months ago, that there weren’t many pictures of her.  So few in fact, she really struggled to put together an album for her nephew.  Sure, there were a couple… but it was very apparent to her, that she wasn’t present in the photos that represented her life and the lives of her family.

So Stevie decided to do something just for her.  To splurge and be the center of attention. To spend an afternoon with me and allow me to capture how beautiful she is, inside and out.


Stevie, you are a wonderful woman.  I have known you for many years, and you never cease to amaze me.  You have a laugh and a smile that lights up a room.


You my friend are a blessing to all that you meet.

Much Love