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Avoiding Panic and Being More Productive

Avoiding Panic and Being More Productive

I’ve gone back and forth on what to write for my blog regarding the current state of our world.

I’m heart broken for the countries that are devastated by this virus, I’m heart broken for the families in the US that are struggling to find the bare necessities at the grocery stores.

I have gone to all the extremes over the last few days and as I sit here at 5am this morning, I have to fall back on my faith and believe that we will rise above and be a stronger human race on the other side of it all.

I am thankful for those that work for companies that are still able to earn a paycheck and still provide for their families. There are so many that are not as fortunate. I am thankful for the businesses that are able to adjust and change their business models to allow their employees to either change their job or work from home.

For my fellow small business owners, entrepreneurs, and side hustlers that all of a sudden becomes your full time job. DONT STOP.

When you stop working on your business… you will stop the momentum. Yes, your sales will most likely fall drastically during this time. However, I choose to believe with all of my heart that we will rebound from this.

Let’s spend this time doing the things we haven’t had time to do.

Improve your processes.
Clean up your emails and templates
Clean up your files and hard drives
Re-do your branding and website
Organize your back office and shelves
Plan out your promotions for the rest of the year

Imagine if you spent the time being productive instead of sitting in an state of panic and fear… when it does rebound… you will be way ahead of the curve and ready to conquer your world.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you later tips and info on family sessions, head shots, senior sessions and boudoir sessions. Why not start planning for your future session while you have the time. We will also be sharing info on how we can make progress in our businesses and keep moving forward.

If you can, shop local businesses, pre-book your appointments, share these businesses with your social media… ask what you can do to help. Sometimes – it’s more impactful than you know.

Sending all the love and good juju to you.

Ethan’s Senior Session | Crossroads High School | DFW Senior Photographer

Ethan’s Senior Session | Crossroads High School | DFW Senior Photographer

Ethan’s Senior Session | Crossroads High School | Class of 2020

Ethan and his momma came in a few months ago to talk about doing his senior session.  You see, his mom is a typical mom… she LOVES pictures. She can probably come up with just about any reason for pictures… I love her for that.  Ethan, is a typical boy – he dreads them and really was there because he wanted to make mom happy.  My promise to him was that we would be fast, he could wear what HE wanted to wear and the images could be what he wanted them to be…. I honestly don’t think he believed me when I told him all of that.  However, the day he showed up – I let him take the lead and it was the perfect session for him.

Ethan is a Senior at Cross High School and is planning to take a year off before going to school and travel, which is such an exciting opportunity. After a year of exploring and soul searching Ethan plans to go to school to study either art or archaeology.

Skater boy against wall

A little bit about you…

Think ahead to your 10 year high school reunion, what do you want to be remembered for? “Just being remembered at all would be nice.”  Side note: I think we often don’t see the impact we make on others.  My hope for Ethan is that he looks back and see’s that he made a bigger difference than he dreams of.


boy in red flannel

Thank you Ethan for allowing me to be your senior photographer.

skater boy against graffitti

Beautiful Evolutions Senior Sessions

Interested in learning more or booking one of our senior sessions? You can see more information here on our website: Beautiful Evolutions Seniors. We offer mini and full sessions – all of our full sessions include full hair and makeup for our girls – and our boys will receive a credit towards their session for not having that need. Each senior can choose an in-studio session or an outdoor session at a location of their choice. We will help you will all the planning and details to get you ready for your big day.
Boy in black hoodie with sunglasses


Head Shot Photos for Caryl Woolard – Yoga Instructor | DFW Head Shot and Brand Photographer

Head Shot Photos for Caryl Woolard – Yoga Instructor

Often times, our journey through life takes a few turns.  Something that we maybe never thought was an option, becomes a bigger opportunity and causes us to grow.  To grow bigger than we dreamed.  To push us past the comfort level of what we know as our norm.  Caryl started a journey into yoga a couple of years ago and this has taken her into a new world of teaching and leading others through this journey.  It is so cool to be able to watch her evolve through this journey.  I’ve been lucky enough to have several conversations with Caryl and it’s almost as though I can see her mentally and physically grow. It’s truly an honor to be able to document her in this journey.

Yoga Instructor headshots

Caryl came to me at the beginning of her yoga journey to photograph her at an outdoor location.  This time around, we wanted a bigger emphasis on just her.  I love these images and I love the strength that she possesses – inward and out.

Yoga poses headshot

Head Shot & Branding Photography with Beautiful Evolutions

Head Shots… does just the name of it make you cringe?  There are not many people that actually look forward to getting their head shots done.  However, with the right photographer… it should be an easy process.  My goal before every session is to understand what your business is, what you want out of your head shots, what type of message you want to send to your potential clients.  These things all play a factor in a successful head shot session.  When you book a head shot or branding session with me, we will dig in a little bit so that we get you more than “just one decent picture”.  I want you to really love your images and USE them.  You are paying for a session… you should get the most out of them!  Want a little more info?  You can head over to the portfolio page here –> Head Shot Portfolio or you can click the button below to get the pricing details and some email info.

2020: Do you stand out?

2020: Do you stand out?

Have you ever really sat down and really thought about your why? Your reason for doing the job you do every day? Whether you work a corporate job for someone else, or you are an entrepreneur and building a business. Why do you do what you do? What is it that makes what you do important?  What is it about you that makes you stand out?

I can’t really answer those questions for you… but I can share with you my why. I can tell you why I do the things I do and what my purpose is.

I can think way back in my little life and tell you that my purpose was always to help others. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a pediatric physical therapist. I didn’t want to work with grownups because they tend to see defeat and lack the ability to believe in the impossible. Today, I want to help people grow their self confidence and rediscover their version of beautiful. I want to help others see the possibilities are truly within them and they just have to be strong enough to grab ahold of it and run.

So, let’s talk a little bit about this in a work related conversation. Think about your industry. Is it over saturated? Does it feel as though there are SO many people doing the same thing you are doing? What is it that sets you apart and makes you stand out from those hustling for the same customers?

I can only talk to you in photography terms.. but feel free to insert your industry into the same conversation.

For me as a photographer… I can’t say I’m the best. I’m far from it…SO very far from the best. However, let’s face it, you can take some really killer pictures with a phone now. What makes me stand out is… well, it’s me. it’s what I bring to the table. I photograph men and women in all of the genres I shoot, but what where I thrive… that’s photographing women. I want to photograph women and help them see past their body image issues and insecurities.

Let’s take high school seniors… gosh I can’t imagine growing into my own skin and trying to figure out who I am with all the things in social media flying at them. Oh. Wait. yes I can. I totally get it. I look at at women on instagram, and think “i wish my hair looked like that, I wish my stomach wasn’t near as squishy as it is, I wish that my skin looked as flawless as hers.” I get it girl. So, when I talk to my senior clients and their parents, I want them to know that I see them. I hear them. I want to show them just how beautiful they are without all the extra editing and “stuff”. I want each girl to get her hair and makeup done and still feel like herself. I want her to love her experience and her images and get a big ol’ cheesy smile each time she sees her images pop up somewhere.

My headshot clients…. these ladies are hustling. They are trying to prove to the world, their friends, and themselves that they are going to make it and they are going to take over the world…. but first, they just need to get the dreaded headshot done. I want my clients to sit and talk with me, tell me about their business. Tell me about their dreams. I want them to relax just enough to let that drive and passion shine thru their eyes.

My boudoir ladies… oh these ladies will forever be my passion. Boudoir is so much more than sexy images, so much more than stripping down and revealing your body. It’s about learning and rediscovering what makes you beautiful and what makes you stand out to the world. Boudoir to me, is about remembering that you are so much more than “just a mom, or a kid taxi driver, or just a hard worker… I want to show each of my boudoir clients that they are worthy of feeling beautiful. They are worthy of doing something to feed their soul and remember how incredible they truly are.

So….my why? Why do I do what i do and how do I stand out amongst a sea of other photographers… I want to help break down someone’s barriers, insecurities, show them that having your picture taken isn’t as scary as you think it might be, because on the other side of it… you might just find you are more than you believed.

Tell me, what is your why? Why do you get up each day and hustle to grow your business? Why do you get up each day and go to work?