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In a World Where You Can BE Anything… What will you choose?

Jennifer chooses Intentional

BE Necklace Woolards Jeweler

Why does the word Authentic Resonate with you?

“I feel like in today’s society everyone is so wrapped up in social media.  Often times portraying a life that isn’t a true representation of who we are.  As a mom with 4 kids, it’s so easy to get sucked into that world.  I strive to teach my kids to be who they are, who God made them to be and just be your authentic self.  God had a certain plan in mind when he created us – it is our responsibility to live up to that version of ourself.

If you could give your kids one piece of advice that they carry with them throughout life… what would that be?

Do what makes you happy.  Don’t be a people pleaser. Do the things that inspire you, encourage you and motivate you… everything else will fall into place.


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The BE Necklace Line – created by Woolard’s Custom Jewelers

In 2016, I partnered with a good friend of mine and Woolard’s Custom Jewelers in Burleson, TX  to create a necklace line.  The idea and intent behind these necklaces was to be a gentle reminder of you we are striving to be, day in and day out.  We often forget that beyond all of that, all of the day to day responsibilities and challenges… we are strong, beautiful, inspiring and so many other things.  We are greater than what we feel every day. To remember that you are capable of great things. If you could BE anything… what would you BE?  The stories you are reading here on the blog are to celebrate women and learn more about why they have chosen the words that resonate with them.

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