In a World Where You Can BE Anything… What will you choose?

Pam wasn’t able to decide on a word, so her tribe of friends chose two for her… let me share with you about Pam.

Why does the word gracious resonate with you?

First of all, let me tell you why I chose the word Gracious for Pam.  I met Pam many years ago and I’ve truly never met a woman more gracious than she is.  Pam has worked tirelessly to not only do for others, but to help others create a better life for themselves.  She has given to those in her world, even at times when she may not have been able to give to herself.  Monetarily, Emotionally, and Physically.  One of the most remarkable things that you will learn when you meet Pam is that she extends grace no matter what the situation is.  She has an ability to look at bigger pictures and see positivity when the rest of the world would find negativity.  Pam has held many roles over the years, but her current role at work is to connect small businesses to local communities.  Her bigger role right now, is fighting cancer.  On days that she feels weak and at the bottom of the barrel, her eyes still shine bright and her laughter can be heard from across a room.

Now… Pam’s words.

“I think the word gracious is something that I aspire to be.  Being with and of Grace, you try to hold yourself at ease and knowing that mistakes are ok, life is ok and shit happens is ok. And when you live from that space, everyone is ok… you don’t have to have any presumptions about somebody that is nice or not nice.  Everybody comes the way they come.  Being gracious means loving the world as it is instead of trying to make it fit.  My friend Connie said my word should be notable.  That was probably the best compliment I’ve ever gotten in my whole life.  I’ve never really heard anyone use that regarding a person.   I am so comfortable in my own skin, that I really don’t care what other people think. It’s truly none of my business what other people think of me.  Well, except for the hair thing.  I don’t want to leave that memory with anyone, especially my grandbabies.”

What do you hope your impact is on the world?

“I want to think of me as real, honest and true and all of those good words.  I just want to never care what others think of me.  I think once you start caring about what others are thinking you start to become someone and something that you are not.  I’m really ok being me.  As long as I get to be here, it’s a good thing. As long as I’m trying, that is what matters to me.


Final thoughts from me (Brooke)

One of the things that I love most about Pam is that she truly is at peace with who she is as a human.  She understands and embraces that she has flaws.  She celebrates that she has a beautiful desire to bring kindness and help to others.  But let me tell you what I see when I look at Pam.  I look at a woman that has overcome different parts of her story.  I see a woman that laughs in the face of struggles and hardships.  I see a woman that sees happiness and positivity in others.  I see a woman that even in the pits of chemo hell… she still finds something to celebrate (hat of the day #friendrich).  I see a beautiful pair of eyes that stare back at me like she’s trying to see something a little deeper than what we show on the surface.  I see a woman that won my heart from the first moment I met her.

I asked Pam if it would be ok if I photographed her without her hat and she of course agreed.  I did this because I wanted the world to see the Pam that I see.  I wanted you to see that even with only 12 hairs… her soul shines so brightly and she is beautiful. She is a badass in every sense of the word.  I think if there were more Pams in the world… it would be a much better place.  How lucky are we that have had the blessing to have met her.


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The BE Necklace Line – created by Woolard’s Custom Jewelers

In 2016, I partnered with a good friend of mine and Woolard’s Custom Jewelers in Burleson, TX  to create a necklace line.  The idea and intent behind these necklaces was to be a gentle reminder of you we are striving to be, day in and day out.  We often forget that beyond all of that, all of the day to day responsibilities and challenges… we are strong, beautiful, inspiring and so many other things.  We are greater than what we feel every day. To remember that you are capable of great things. If you could BE anything… what would you BE?  The stories you are reading here on the blog are to celebrate women and learn more about why they have chosen the words that resonate with them.

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What is The BE Project?

Have you ever stopped to think about who or what you want to be?  Most often there is a word that drives you.  If you sit in the silence and really think about what type of person you want to be… there will be a word, sometimes more than one word, that will guide you along and push you to keep being a better version of yourself.  This photo project has become something that has touched my heart and hopefully those that have participated. I chose to shoot all of the images in black and white because I wanted the least amount of distractions.  Just the human and the word.   This project is the stories of some amazing people, their stories, and what these words mean to them.  Some have participated each of the 4 years we have done this, some are new each time.  It’s an amazing honor to follow along in their journey and document who they are becoming.

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I challenge you to find a word that resonates with you.  Who do you want to strive to be?  What word leads you day to day?  Join us in our project – what word will describe who you want to BE?

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