Beautiful Evolutions Senior Tips: Prom Skin Prep

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Prom. You envision in your head the perfect dress, perfect hair and makeup, the perfect date of course, and dancing the night away.


What happens when you wake up the day before and your skin is not being your friend?

I’ve been to dances, had special events and I have learned a few tips and tricks. Giving your skin some extra love the week leading up to prom is always crucial.

Let’s start with the basics:

1. wake up every morning and drink a big glass of water to stay hydrated, and cleanse your face with a gentle daily cleanser.

2. At night, make sure to remove all your makeup and clear your pores and exfoliate your skin.

3. In the shower it’s also important to exfoliate your arms and legs as well, and then after you get out, make sure to lather up with lotion to keep your skin nice and soft.

4. Make sure you moisturize your face with a gentle moisturizer after you wash it and before you put any makeup on.

Follow these basic tips and your skin will thank you when prom rolls around.

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