Boudoir Sessions: Ms. L

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Ms. L scheduled her session as a Christmas gift to her husband.  He’s out on the road a lot and she wanted to make certain that she kept the passion going strong in their relationship.  She brought some amazing choices to wear for her session.  We were shooting a Calendar Girl session so she had more than enough images to choose from when we designed her calendar.

One of the greatest things about boudoir sessions is helping a woman see herself through someone else’s eyes.  Ms. L has gone thru some changes in her body of the years and she wanted to see herself the way her husband sees her.  She is a gorgeous woman and my hope is that she sees that her version of beautiful is strong and powerful.

Burleson Boudoir Photography In Studio


Boudoir Photography: Beautiful Evolutions

One of my biggest goals this year is to tell the stories of some of the women that come into our studio.  I think it is so important to see others being strong and doing photo shoots that are intimate and personal.  Boudoir Photography is my very favorite thing that I shoot.  I love being able to show women how to appreciate and love their bodies.  Society tells us that beauty is defined in certain ways… I completely disagree and think that each woman defines beauty in her own way.  Each woman that trusts me to book a session, is a strong woman and I hope that I show her just how powerful that can be.

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