Julia | Fort Worth Real Estate | Branding Head ShotPhotography

Julia | Fort Worth Real Estate | Branding Head ShotPhotography

Julia’s Head Shots for her Real Estate Business

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor to meet several people in the real estate industry to provide them with some updated head shots.  I LOVED this location and had a great time meeting each person.

Let’s be real.. no one really LOVES getting new headshots – but my ultimate goal is for each person to walk away thinking it was easier than they anticipated and love their new images.  Your image is how your clients will first connect to you.  So it should fit your branding and your personality.

Julia is a Realtor at The Property Shop.  Julia has a personalized approach to residential Real Estate.  You can find out more about her here: www.friendlydfwrealtor.com

Watch Out For These Noted Burleson Women in Business | Beautiful Evolutions Branding Photography

Watch Out For These Noted Burleson Women in Business | Beautiful Evolutions Branding Photography

Burleson Women In Business, Local Life Magazine – March Edition

I had the opportunity to partner with Local Life Magazine for their March spotlight article for local Burleson Women In Business.  Let’s just be honest – any time you give me some boss babes – it’s going to be fantastic.  These four ladies (one was missing this day) are all incredible.  Not only incredible women, but incredible in their industries and their communities.  They are moving mountains and shaking up things.

Tiffany Griffin, Local Life Magazine, contacted me and asked if we could schedule this shoot.  I had several ideas in mind – and I am absolutely in love with how these turned out.  Fierce, Powerful, Intelligent… all of these words and so many more describes each of these ladies.  If you get some time – head over and check out the main article.  Learn about these ladies and their businesses.

Roxanne Myers, Lost Oak Winery

Tiffany Griffin, Local Life Magazine

Jennifer Huffman, Elizabeth Scott Bridal

Angela McGarity, Artistic Motion Dance Academy

Craig Couch, Couch and Russell Personal Branding Headshots | Beautiful Evolutions

Craig Couch, Couch and Russell Personal Branding Headshots | Beautiful Evolutions

Personal Branding Headshots for Craig Couch

Meet Craig Couch of Couch of Couch and Russell.

Craig Couch, a financial advisor and owner of Couch & Russell is someone you won’t soon forget once met. His personality shines through in everything he does- from his unending smile to endless energy for the community around him . It isn’t uncommon at all see this man present during most local events; but what really stands out about Craig are times where we’ve seen him getting involved with various causes near our neighborhood or elsewhere around town.

Today, Couch & Russell serves clients in a wide variety of areas, including retirement planning, wealth management and business planning. Craig most enjoys helping clients pursue financial independence. Craig is also active in the community and has previously served on the board of directors for several civic and non-profit organizations, including the Burleson Chamber of Commerce, the Burleson Opportunity Fund, Carry the Load, and NFM.


Tricia | DFW Head Shot Photographer

Tricia | DFW Head Shot Photographer

Tricia’s Head Shots For Her New Promotion

Girl I get it, no one looks forward to head shots.  This is one segment of my business that I think more people dread.  Especially if you are not normally in front of a camera.  This sweet lady has given me the honor to document her daughters before, but never herself.  She walked in and I could feel the dread radiating off of her.  However, I love the challenge and I love that I have the honor to show someone how beautiful they are.  My goal for each head shot session is quick and painless.  Head shots should be long and convoluted – but you should also have an opportunity to connect with your photographer.

The message I received after Tricia saw her gallery absolutely made my day!!  “Omg these are amazing!! How do I buy more?”

Mission accomplished.

Violetta | Realtor | Burleson TX Head Shot Photographer

Violetta | Realtor | Burleson TX Head Shot Photographer

Realtor Headshots for Violetta

Ms. Violetta called and booked super fast.  She had just received her license and was excited to kick off her new career.  She is so gorgeous and was super easy to photograph.  We rocked out her session one afternoon and now she is up and running.

I love being able to photograph local business women, because it’s that much easier to see them grow in their career.


Head Shot Photos for Caryl Woolard – Yoga Instructor | DFW Head Shot and Brand Photographer

Head Shot Photos for Caryl Woolard – Yoga Instructor

Often times, our journey through life takes a few turns.  Something that we maybe never thought was an option, becomes a bigger opportunity and causes us to grow.  To grow bigger than we dreamed.  To push us past the comfort level of what we know as our norm.  Caryl started a journey into yoga a couple of years ago and this has taken her into a new world of teaching and leading others through this journey.  It is so cool to be able to watch her evolve through this journey.  I’ve been lucky enough to have several conversations with Caryl and it’s almost as though I can see her mentally and physically grow. It’s truly an honor to be able to document her in this journey.

Yoga Instructor headshots

Caryl came to me at the beginning of her yoga journey to photograph her at an outdoor location.  This time around, we wanted a bigger emphasis on just her.  I love these images and I love the strength that she possesses – inward and out.

Yoga poses headshot

Head Shot & Branding Photography with Beautiful Evolutions

Head Shots… does just the name of it make you cringe?  There are not many people that actually look forward to getting their head shots done.  However, with the right photographer… it should be an easy process.  My goal before every session is to understand what your business is, what you want out of your head shots, what type of message you want to send to your potential clients.  These things all play a factor in a successful head shot session.  When you book a head shot or branding session with me, we will dig in a little bit so that we get you more than “just one decent picture”.  I want you to really love your images and USE them.  You are paying for a session… you should get the most out of them!  Want a little more info?  You can head over to the portfolio page here –> Head Shot Portfolio or you can click the button below to get the pricing details and some email info.