Good Vibes

Are you getting lost in the world of social media?  There are days I log on and start scrolling, only to feel my anxiety start climbing.  I know we are in an election season, and I know that means that people want to “prove” why their candidate is the best.  What I don’t understand, is why does it require being ugly and vicious when making their argument.  I find myself asking each and every day, at what point did candidates stop talking about their plans and what they are going to do to make the world better?  Locally and nationally, I’ve noticed that candidates spend more time trying to “go after” the other and prove what a horrible person the other candidate is.

Now, let me preface this next thought – I realize that I am a “rose colored glasses” person.  I find myself wondering – If a candidate spent more time talking about their plans, their goals, and truly rising above all the vitriol… would they make a bigger impact?  For me personally, I am extremely turned off by those that argue and fight back with ugliness.  The loudest ones will always have the bigger impact – they are what people remember.  However, why can’t they be loud… and kind.

I didn’t mean for this to get political.  However, that is the world we are living in currently.

I made a post last week about Nothing But Good Vibes.  There is a perceived power in social media and being online, the power of anonymity.  People type things that they would never say face to face.  It breaks my heart.  I have purposely not engaged with people on social media, in fact, I have “unfriended” a lot of people.  Words are powerful, and I hope one day more people remember that. So, if I seem quiet… just know that I’m over here sending out good vibes and hustling.  I want only good things out in the world, no drama, no ugliness… just good conversations, good vibes and kind humans.


Today – try not to engage.  Try to rise above.  Send some good vibes out into the universe.