Professional Head shots: How Do I Choose the Right Photographer?

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Hey there!  Welcome to Part 3 of the Head Shot Series.  If you missed the first two… You can see them here.  Part 1 Professional Head Shots… do I really need one? and Part 2 Professional Head Shots – How do I prepare for them?

Today – let’s chat a little about how to make sure that you have chosen the right photographer.  I know, you are probably wondering why I am posting this.  However, I’m not always the best fit for everyone.  That’s important to understand for both of us.  I would love to sit and chat with you to see if we are a great match, and if not – I can give you a list of peers that I would trust implicitly.  So let’s get started


What are three to five things people should do right away to go find that photographer to capture them?

First thing is to get to know your story. Really get in touch with the story that you want to tell, so that when you do find that photographer, you can communicate that to them. The second would be — Luckily, we live in an online world, so we can stalk and see all these beautiful images that all of our fellow boss ladies have. Get a sense of what you’re looking for. Take a look your friend’s online, your mentors, people you admire. Look at their photography, the style of photography, the stories that they’re telling, and kind of get a sense of what could apply to your brand. As far as finding a photographer…. (ahem, I’m right here … kidding, kinda)  I would send an email, but have a real phone conversation, or even face-to-face conversation with the ones you are considering. I think a lot is to be said for that relationship with your photographer to establish that trust. Sometimes you need to be having a coffee face-to-face so that you can kinda feel their vibe and get a sense if they understand you and your brand. I think it’s so important to find someone that you can consider as a partner. Not just like hire a photographer, because you might be hiring them in the future for more projects. As your brand starts growing, you’ll probably need to have them come back. So if they get your brand and sort of what your goals are and your vision is, it’s just more a bonus for you


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How do you choose the right photographer?

I think your photographer should be a partner in this process with you.  Someone that is willing to take the time to learn about what you are trying to achieve, who will listen to your concerns and help you along the process. What is the story that you’re trying to tell? Really, diving deep and sharing that with your photographer so that at the time of the shoot, it doesn’t feel like they’re just poses and smiling, it feels like this is your brand unfolding in visual. Who are you working with? Where are you working? What are your values? Why are you doing this work in the first place? Where do you find your inspiration?

It’s also about setting objectives. Sharing what your goal is or these images. Sharing where you’re going to use these images; on your website, on your social media. Actually, having them come on the journey with you, telling the photographer, “This is what my business is about. This is what I want to communicate,” and letting them brainstorm with you on the details. I want my clients to come to me and have ideas, because I don’t know their brand as much as they know their brand. We’re all living and breathing our own brands, because they’re so much us. Sometimes it’s our personal brand. If my clients can come to me with some ideas that are a stepping stone for us to work together, I think that’s really helpful. Of course, respecting each other in our levels of expertise. That is always a good thing, because you don’t want to be high maintenance. That’s always a recipe for a disaster. It is helpful to have some guidelines and some goals that you guys can work on together.


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