Life Inspired Sessions: Hazeldean, Waxahachie TX

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If you have listened to me talk about photography, you will know I am a big advocate for family pictures.  I believe you should do family pictures as often as possible.  We change so much year to year… our lives evolve and our worlds constantly change.  Your pictures… they tell your stories.  Not everyone sees the value in having family pictures done, not everyone takes the time to carve out a couple of hours to pull it together to have them done.  However, I’ve never had a client do a family session and say “I wish we hadn’t done family pictures”.  Never. Ever.

Abbye and I have been talking about doing her family pictures for over a year. The last time that Abbe and her parents had family pictures done was when she was a little girl… for the church directory.  I’m certain I cried a little when she told me this.  Then I giggled relentlessly when she showed me the picture.  I’ll hold on to that for blackmail at a later date.  This past weekend we traveled down to Waxahachie, TX to photograph Abbye and her parents.  I won’t go into the back story here, but I will say, these pictures are priceless and I think they will be cherished for many many years.  I had the privilege to photograph this sweet family of three and give them updated photographs.  (seriously, think back to your church directory pictures… go ahead, i’ll wait for you to conjure up that picture).


Beautiful Evolutions life inspired photography Waxahachie Texas

Beautiful Evolutions life inspired photography Waxahachie Texas

OK… carrying on.  The session was short and sweet, because let’s be real… Texas heat is no joke, even at 9am.   However, in a short time frame I was blessed to capture their laughter, their love, and hear a little of her parents story.  They have beautiful images to last forever… and I have beautiful stories to inspire me to a lifetime of love.

Abbye’s parents met on a blind date, almost 44 years ago.  On the 2nd date, she asked him to marry her.  10 days later… they were married. Nothing fancy, no big to-do.  No engagement pictures, maybe not even any actual wedding photos, no big party.

Today… almost 44 years later, they still look at each other like they just met.  The love they share and exude is truly breathtaking.  I could watch them talk and laugh all day long.  He watches over her as her protector and her champion and you can see just how much he adores her each time his eyes find her.  She kisses him like they are still teenagers and you can see how safe she feels in his arms.


Beautiful Evolutions life inspired photography Waxahachie Texas


Thank you Abbye for allowing me to photograph your family.  This is exactly my WHY for what I do.  I have been able to document 44 years of love between two people, document their love for the beautiful daughter, and document laughter that will triumph over anything life throws their way.


Beautiful Evolutions life inspired photography Waxahachie Texas



All my love






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