Ms. B | DFW Boudoir Photography

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Ms. B | Dallas / Fort Worth Boudoir Photography

Ms. B booked her shoot with me after working on some goals she had set for herself. I actually have the privilege of knowing her prior to our shoot.  I’ve seen her change physically, mentally and emotionally.  However, sometimes you just can’t shake the nerves walking into a boudoir session.  We met a few times prior to her scheduled date.  We chatted about all the things… what she wanted to wear, what type of images she wanted to create, how she wanted her hair and makeup.  She was set and read to go the day she arrived…. and she still was a bundle of nerves.  I watched as she sat in the makeup chair and watched how she looked nervous, a little uneasy, and ready to BOLT out of the door at any given moment.

Girl laying down in boudoir pose tattooed girl on bed black and white boudoir with denim jacket

What I didn’t expect to see, was to watch her slowly change her posture.  To watch as her eyes sparkled a little more as she looked up.  To see her literally sit taller in her chair as she transformed into the woman that I knew was hiding in her was one of the best parts of my day.  Want to know the very best part… when I saw her finally relax and fall into a groove with me during her shoot.  She settled in and let me take control.  It was an incredible shoot and I am so lucky that I got to be the photographer that allows her to see a version of herself that I think she forgot about.

Thank you for taking a leap and booking your session.  My hope is that you forever love this experience and take more chances.

Boudoir Photography with Beautiful Evolutions

Boudoir Sessions are almost always booked as a gift for someone else.  It’s a good “reason” to do a session and maybe not feel so selfish and frivolous.  However, what if one day.. everything was about you?  What if, just for one day, you didn’t have to focus on what everyone else in your world needed?  A boudoir session with me, Brooke, is a day to find the woman that you may have forgotten about.  I will guide you thru each step of the process.  We bring in someone to do your hair and makeup.  I walk you thru ever single pose and the full experience.  You can see some of our other boudoir work here.  Girl! I know it’s a scary thing sometimes to step outside of your box.  What I want you to remember… because I know you are contemplating it… is that you are worth it.  You are worth being pampered and having BEAUTIFUL images and portraits of yourself.  They can be as “sexy” as you want them to be.  My biggest goal… is that you walk away from your session seeing yourself thru someone elses eyes and that you truly are remarkable.


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Beautiful Evolutions Boudoir Sessions

Interested in learning more or booking one of our boudoir sessions? You can see more information here on our website: Beautiful Evolutions Boudoir. We offer mini and full sessions – all of our full sessions include full hair and makeup.We will help you will all the planning and details to get you ready for your big day.  We also offer a VIP Group on FB for ladies only – you can see all the things we have going on and current session highlights.  Join us here: FB VIP Group