OKC Family: Brandi & Matt {Oklahoma City Family Photography}

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Some times you meet clients thru other friends and clients and if you are lucky enough… they become friends and family.  Brandi & Matt have become just that.  Brandi brought us up to Oklahoma City last year to photograph some of her clients.  She owns Flex-Appeal, a fabulous concept of personal trainers focused on empowering women and giving them the tools needed to live healthier and better lives.  In that process, we have become friends and champion each others businesses and provide encouragement as friends.

Oklahoma City Photographer Beautiful Evolutions Life Inspired photographyThis year, we did our annual fitness shoot, but we ended the weekend with some family pictures.  Before next year, we may need to plan a week long trip to accomplish everything!!


Oklahoma City Photographer Beautiful Evolutions Life Inspired photography

Brandi & Matt are what I would consider a  power couple.  They are a great balance of each other and their love is stronger because of their story and the chapters in their life.

If you know Matt… you know, he has a great laugh and smile… he just chooses not to show it in pictures very often.  I however…. got it!  He’s full of jokes and laughter and he absolutely adores Brandi.  And really… how could you not.  She’s gorgeous.  She’s got a heart that is bigger than you can imagine.  She sees the best in anyone and works hard to show it to them.

Oklahoma City Photographer Beautiful Evolutions Life Inspired photography


Matt & Brandi have recently built a home in Oklahoma on some of the prettiest land (with a pond) and it couldn’t have been any more perfect for their shoot.  It’s always hard to leave when we come up to visit.  It’s just amazingly beautiful.

Brandi, thank you for trusting me to be your photographer and document your love for each other.

Much Love


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