OKC Family: Dawn & Big Daddy {Oklahoma City Family Photography}

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I am lucky enough to travel for some of our sessions… although – truth be told, not nearly as often as I would like.  2018, that’s a goal… travel for more clients.  Oklahoma will always have a piece of my heart and we are so lucky that we are brought back to OKC for some clients at least once a year.  This time we added a couple of special family sessions on to the end of the day.

Dawn and Big Daddy.  He has a name… but we all call him Big Daddy 🙂  Dawn was so excited to have pictures done.  She hasn’t ever had pictures before and she knew the importance of them.  I think her daughter Brandi may or may not have pushed a little to get them to go ahead and book a session.  I’m SO very glad she did.  Dawn came over at the end of the day and brought in her options for clothes.  She was a little nervous I could tell… but she did a great job hiding it.  We chose the outfit that would be best for where we were shooting and I promptly led her over to get started on hair and makeup.  She sat down and I could hear her and Lori talking 90 miles an hour.  I checked on her a few times, but left Lori to work her magic.  Big Daddy waited patiently outside while his love got pampered.

One important thing to know about Big Daddy… he’s the strong silent type – always in overalls.  He’s a good ol’ Oklahoma Boy.  But my goodness he can clean up when he wants to.  He changed into the clothes for the session and I smiled from ear to ear.  You see… I’ve NEVER seen Big Daddy in anything other than overalls.

We got started and I gave my usual spiel about how the session would go.  The weather was absolutely ridiculously perfect.  It was late July for goodness sake and I bet the temperature was in the mid 80s.  I couldn’t have been happier as we walked around the property heading to our first little destination.

Beautiful Evolutions Family photography


It was important to me to get some images I knew they would love.  Not only had they never had pictures done before…I had a feeling I would be pushing my luck if I thought they would do this very often.  Well, I’m pretty stinkin happy to say that they did a fabulous job and I couldn’t be happier with the images we created.  I truly hope they cherish this for a lifetime.


Beautiful Evolutions Family photography


All my love Dawn & Big Daddy – thank you for trusting me to be your photographer.


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