Professional Head Shots – How do I prepare for them?

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Today, part two of this series, we are talking about how to prepare for them. Let’s be real…  no one really LIKES to have their head shots updated.  It is however, a vital part to having a successful business in this over-saturated market. So let’s dig in to the preparing for your new images.


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How often do I need to update my head shots or personal branding images?

That is completely up to you.  A lot of my clients schedule an annual session.  Maybe they’ve lost 50 pounds, or they cut their hair. It used to be long and now it’s short. So you have to update, because it’s a trust factor. When people meet you or see you in a video and it looks different, they get confused. You don’t want your prospect or your clients be confused.

You need that consistency with your head shot even if you can’t do Personal Branding photography right now. Then you sprinkle in that insider daily look of what you’re doing through your Instagram pictures that you’re taking with your phone. You need that combination, because you can’t just be a head shot because then you’re a talking head. You need to sprinkle in that authentic real life of behind the scenes, where you’re going, who you’re hanging out with, the messy desk. Those are what builds the connection and humanize your brand. They’re both important.  Your audience wants to know that you are relatable.  Showing that you have a huge to-do list or that maybe you absolutely love fun post it notes, allows them to connect with you.  If your client can connect with you, they are more inclined to hire you versus someone else.


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I’m not really the weight I want to be, should I go ahead and get my Headshots/Personal Branding Images scheduled?

Everybody has these insecurities, even myself.  Yes, maybe we’re struggling with how we’re looking at a certain time, but if we focus on the bigger goal, I think that will help us want to put ourselves out there more. Then, there are a lot of things that you can do to help you along the way. Get your hair blown out, hire a professional makeup artist, go shopping with a stylist so that you can pick clothes that you feel really confident in. Do the prep work beforehand so that when you’re not showing up that day of your shoot and you’re like, “Crap! My shirt doesn’t fit and my hair doesn’t look good.” There’s a lot of work that goes on before the actual shoot date that really helps boost your confidence.

What are some things you can do before your session to make yourself feel more comfortable?

I think the first thing is, is that you have to have a conversation weeks before the actual shoot. You need to tell me a little more about your business. What  is your mission, what are you putting out there along with what are the goals are for the pictures, where are you going to use them. Along with maybe what are some of the insecurities and the hangups. It’s a process. Maybe there’s a certain styling that we should do so that you feel great in your outfit. Maybe there are certain props, or locations where you can be sitting on a sofa or two chairs so that everybody looks in balance. Those are things that I think is the prep work that goes on beforehand so that everybody feels confident at the day of the shoot, and you can just enjoy the process.

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I don’t get dressed up every day. I am not a Glam kinda girl.  How do you suggest someone still look their best, but feel like they’re not lying by looking a certain way?

How do you suggest someone who definitely has that more casual natural vibe dress for this session? I still think you should get your hair and makeup done, because I think it’s the process that’s very confidence boosting. You don’t have to go outside of your comfort zone. We still want to make it look like you, but the best version of you. I would say still have your hair and your makeup appointment before your shoot. Then, communicate to that stylist how far you want to go. You want to look like yourself, but you want a natural vibe. Good professional experts will be able to deliver that for you. It’s also being crystal clear about what you want. Grab some magazines and rip out pages of people that you like, go in prepared with pictures. Embrace who you are right now. You have a message, you have this service, or product that you want to give to the world that sometimes it’s bigger than the photos. Believe me, 10 years from now, you’re going to look back and go, “I look like the bomb! I looked amazing.” A lot of my clients will be like, “Oh, I want to wait. I want to wait. I’m going on this cleanse. I’m going to do this.” I was like, “Don’t wait. Do it now. Embrace who you are now. Let’s get this message out right now.”



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