Tulip Day – Desiree

Tulip Day – Desiree

Several Weeks ago I came across a beautiful image on Facebook of a field of Tulips.  Well, lucky for me, it was located just north of me in Pilot Point, TX.  I sent out a quick email announcing mini sessions.  Mainly because I wanted something different than the usual bluebonnets that we all do every year.


These two beautiful ladies met me out there on a Sunday afternoon.  Let me just give a quick side note…. do NOT go out there on a weekend, after it’s rained all week, and it’s a beautiful day.  We were able to capture BEAUTIFUL images… however, it was a challenge to get around the mass of people that also wanted to spend their day out there.

These two beautiful women have overcome a lot in the last two years and wanted to be able to document their friendship and celebrate how strong they were.

2016-03-18_00202016-03-18_0017 Mission accomplished!

p.s.  If you are interested in having a mini session out at the tulip fields, there are a couple of week nights still available, please email me for more information brooke@beautifulevolutions.com

All my love