As women, we tend to forget to do things for ourselves.  We take the pictures.  We make sure that everyone else is taken care of.  We do so much for everyone else.  It is so rare that we stop long enough to do for ourselves.

2015-07-25_0003Stevie realized a couple of months ago, that there weren’t many pictures of her.  So few in fact, she really struggled to put together an album for her nephew.  Sure, there were a couple… but it was very apparent to her, that she wasn’t present in the photos that represented her life and the lives of her family.

So Stevie decided to do something just for her.  To splurge and be the center of attention. To spend an afternoon with me and allow me to capture how beautiful she is, inside and out.


Stevie, you are a wonderful woman.  I have known you for many years, and you never cease to amaze me.  You have a laugh and a smile that lights up a room.


You my friend are a blessing to all that you meet.

Much Love