There are so many photographers around.  How do you know which one is right for you?  Is it worth the money, it seems so expensive?

The reality is… booking a photo session is a luxury, but also a necessity if you place the value on the right things.  Think about it this way… your children are only this age for a very short time.  Your lives are only in this place for a fleeting moment.  Have you ever sat down and looked through old pictures with your family?  How special is it to see your parents as young people?  2015-07-27_0001

These moments pass by so quickly and photographs are all we will have to be able to tell our stories after we can no longer do so.


With so many photographers around, how do you know which one to choose?  My advice is this, look at their images.  Look through the photos posted and decide if you are drawn to them.  Do you love the colors?  Do you love how casual everyone looks?  Do you prefer the images that are very posed and structured?  Do you like that the people that are captured have their hair and make up done?  These are all very important things to consider when choosing your photographer.

My goal in each session is to capture a little bit of someone’s personality and soul.  I want to create images with my clients that truly tell a story.  My style… is casual, and fun, bright colors, soft and romantic images.  I love when the wind blows someone’s hair just right.  I love when your child refuses to have their pictures taken… and I manage to get 5 minutes, when they aren’t paying attention and I see them… I really see them. 2015-07-27_0005 I love images that show the world that in the midst of all the chaos… this is who you are, right now, in this moment, this weight, this smile… beautiful, just being you.

What I am not… I am not a photographer that takes extremely posed images.  I do not want my clients to look heavily made up.  I am not going to shoot your images in a studio.  I am not going to overly edit all of your images and make you appear to be someone that you really are not. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with images like this.  I still look at some of them and think, wow, that photographer is great.  But it is not my style.  It is not who I am… I want to stay true to my heart and my passion.2015-07-27_0003

Photography can be expensive.  I know.  I get it.  I’m on a budget as well.  However, I also know the value of having images that move my soul and allow me to look back at different points in my life.  I smile, I cry, I run through every emotion with every picture.  So yes, it’s a luxury to book a photo session.   But I also see it as a necessary… life is so busy – what a fabulous gift to be able to stop it in a moment and capture that moment for a lifetime. 2015-07-27_0002

Find a photographer that will take the time to connect with you.  I love that my clients become my friends.  I love that I could call any of my past clients and meet for happy hour or dinner.  I am blessed every single time a photograph someone to get to know them and be a part of their lives.  Thank you to all of my past clients that have become friends, and hello to those of you I have not yet had the chance to meet yet.

Much Love