Abby | Forney TX Class of 2018 Senior Photographer

One of the greatest things about being a Senior Photographer is that I get to meet some of the coolest girls and learn more about their dreams while we shoot. Ms. Abby is graduating this spring from Forney High School and when her dad hired me to be her Class of 2018 Senior Photographer, I was so excited. Not only is she a gorgeous girl – she has got big plans for the future and I cannot wait to see what she makes happen for herself.  We spent the afternoon pampering her in hair and makeup and then we walked all over downtown Fort Worth.

Abby, Class of 2018, Forney High School

Have you ever met someone and you were completely blown away by them after just a few minutes of meeting them.  That is Abby.  I met Abby for the first time while she was getting hair and makeup done.  Normally, I would have met her for a pre-consultation, but scheduled never aligned perfectly for her to be in town when I met with her dad. She sat in the makeup chair pretty quietly.  She watched what was going on and smiled a lot.  As soon as we got on location, Abby busted out with a couple of things that had me literally laughing out loud.  I could see the embarrassment crawl up her dad’s neck, because you see, Abby speaks whatever thoughts are flying thru her mind.  Luckily, it is pretty hard to surprise me anymore.  I think it quickly became one of the things I loved most about Abby.  She’s not too worried about what anyone else thinks and just walks to her own little beat.  To me, that means she is going to carve out her own path and take charge of everything she wants in life.

Class of 2018 Senior Photographer Girl in casual and dress

Abby – Future Plans

After graduation, Abby is going to school and work on becoming a nurse.  I love that she already has a strong plan and knows exactly what needs to happen to get there.  When I watch her dad interact with her, I can see how proud he is of her.  She may speak her mind, and sometimes it might be things that should be kept on the inside, but Abby is full of life and keeps everyone laughing.  I have no doubt in my mind that Abby is a force to be reckoned with today and that will only become more true as she grows in life.  When I originally asked her about what type of nursing she wants to go into, she told me she wanted to work with babies.  Abby will begin attending TCC in the fall to start down her path of becoming a neonatal nurse.

Forney High School Senior Girl white top Class of 2018 Senior Photographer

Class of 2018 Senior Photographer: Beautiful Evolutions

Each and every one of my clients makes me so thankful that I get to do this every day.  My high school senior clients fill my soul and remind me of the greatness that is coming in our little world.  Even though we didn’t do Abby’s senior pictures in Forney, where she has gone to school, we had such a great time in Fort Worth.  I think it was the perfect location for what she wanted for her senior session.  Abby thank you for trusting me to create beautiful images for you.  It was my honor to be your senior photographer.

Even though graduation is quickly coming up, we are still booking some last minute Class of 2018 seniors and already filling the calendar for our Class of 2019.  Interested in booking a session – I would love for you to check out the Beautiful Evolutions website and see some more of our work or even schedule a complimentary pre-consultation call.  Let’s chat about any questions you might have and go over all the details.

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