2021… What a year!!!  I don’t know about you – but 2021 just almost won.  Almost.

If you have been around a while – you’ve been thru it all with me. Thank you for sticking it out.  2021 was full of hopes and dreams and great big plans.  I had so many plans for last year.  However, the universe had other ideas.  A year with many losses, sickness, health challenges and just honestly a sense of not knowing where to go from there.  I took December to really focus on what was important to my dreams, my goals and what served my soul.  We’ve restructured some things.  We’ve refocused our energy on things that serve our purpose better.  Most importantly, I have taken the time to really stop and dream again.

Here are a few updates for you for 2022.. just a few – there are really so many more.

The BE Project 2022

Hopefully, you have seen we have picked up the 2021 BE Project and have been sharing on social media.  We will be scheduling sessions for the first week of February for 2022.  We will be opening up the sign up form later this week.


Head Shots

Head Shots will always be special to me.  We are working on a few new styles of headshots so be sure to let me know when you need to update yours.  New background colors – new styles – new approach – same great experience.


Paw Prints

coming soon… we will be celebrating your furry friends


My word for 2022 is determined.  I allowed 2021 to derail me from my plans.  This year – I would say – hang on tight because big things are going to happen.  I am determined to come here and share with you what’s going on, my rambling thoughts, and just get back to what drives me.  Writing has always been something that soothes my soul.  It feeds my brain and my heart.  So as long as you keep reading, I promise to keep writing.  I am determined to do better to share the images of those that trust me to step in front of my camera and tell their stories.  This has always been one of the greatest things for me about being a photographer – to learn the stories of the people I get to meet.

Thank you for all the prayers and grace this year each of you have sent my direction.  I am blessed beyond measure and I am determined to elevate our BE Empire this year to levels unseen.

Until I see you on the other side of the camera – Much Love to each of you.