Have you ever felt like your soul needed to be lifted up | Personal Life Update

Have you ever thought – man, I just need to be surrounded by people that are completely positive or felt like you needed your soul lifted up? 

Sometimes the chaos of the world just gets to be super heavy.


The company that Melissa and I are health coaches for does a conference every year in February or March.  It’s an intimate conference, you have to be at a certain level to be able to attend, versus our big convention where everyone can attend – even clients. 1000 people vs 45,000 people.  


This was our second year to attend and let me just tell you – I have never been a part of something that genuinely creates a fire and a passion inside of me.  It’s got a little bit of business talk, but more than that… it’s about life, dreams, and truly awakening things inside of you that you are too scared to out actually dig out of the deep recesses of your mind.


Sounds crazy huh?

I wanted to share some of my key takeaways from this year.  Maybe more for myself to reflect back on … because let’s just be real – we all know that when great things are happening, resistance will strike. But I also share because maybe you needed to read some of it.


Just some ideas that I wrote down along the weekend:

~ Either your passion will move a mountain; or your fear will create one

~ You are not locked into a version of yourself that someone else says you are.

~ Ever feel like you have too many things going on and too many plates spinning – what if you decided that from now one – wherever your feet are is what you are focused on.

~ Create the life want – not the life you get

~ “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better. Jim Rohn”

~ Want to know the difference between extraordinary and ordinary … just 5 little letters.

~ Have you ever overthought something and ended up not acting on it?  Think about this – How many cures or medical advances have possibly never seen the light of day because someone has overthought it instead of acting on it.

~ Fear comes for free…. Hope takes work.

This might be my favorite thing I heard all weekend by my friend Sarah Massengale 

  • What’s the worst that will happen if you keep going?  Now, what is the worst that will happen if you stop?


These are just SOME of the inspired thoughts I heard this weekend and they are SO powerful.  If only one of those resonated with you – write it down.  Put it somewhere that you can see it often.  

I have a giant mind filled so full of inspired thoughts and I want to shout them from the rooftops. I want you to be as fulfilled as I am today.  I never knew what was possibly just by surrounding yourself with the right people.  I never realized that by putting both Melissa in the right rooms, even when it’s uncomfortable – would allow us to see dreams become realities, would allow us to make a difference in someone elses life, would allow us to show others that what they see today is nothing compared to what they are capable of.


The conference was called Awaken – and let me just tell you – My soul is awakened. My heart is on fire.  My belief in a better world for so many is stronger.  What if you moved one milimeter forward and that added up, day after day, to a world that you only barely dream of today?