The BE Project – In a world where you can be anything…. What will you be?

Meet Caroline – her word for the 2023 BE Project is Adventure

What word did you choose and why?


I thought it would be a cool adventure to learn how to do KWC and learn how to play basketball.

I chose this word because I thought it would be a cool adventure to learn how to do KWC and learn how to play basketball.

KWC is a theater program. My big sister does theater and I love singing and dancing. I’m 9, almost 10. I like it because it’s fun. I like Taylor Swift.

If you could wish something for the whole wide world, what would you wish for?

For everyone to have fun everyday and just be happy.




What is The BE Project?

Have you ever stopped to think about who or what you want to be?  Most often there is a word that drives you.  If you sit in the silence and really think about what type of person you want to be… there will be a word, sometimes more than one word, that will guide you along and push you to keep being a better version of yourself.  This photo project has become something that has touched my heart and hopefully those that have participated. I chose to shoot all of the images in black and white because I wanted the least amount of distractions.  Just the human and the word.   This project is the stories of some amazing people, their stories, and what these words mean to them.  Some have participated each of the 4 years we have done this, some are new each time.  It’s an amazing honor to follow along in their journey and document who they are becoming.

Want to read more stories from others in our community and their BE words?  Head over to the BE Project Page and read the stories of the amazing humans that have participated. 

I challenge you to find a word that resonates with you.  Who do you want to strive to be?  What word leads you day to day?  Join us in our project – what word will describe who you want to BE?

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