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Gill Reporting headshot session

Luann and Sally contacted me not long ago, needing to get some head shots.  They were working on a new business and were getting the last few things done to get their website done.  This beautiful Mother-Daughter duo have opened up a family business together in the court reporting industry, Gill Reporting Group.  I pulled this from their website, because I love how they have told the story.  “Family business roots run deep for LuAnn and Sally Gill, descendants of a proud man who had three sons, one daughter, and his devoted wife, Sally Metheny, who, together, in the early 1960’s, started a successful family landscape business that grew to a size and a reputation no one could have dreamed.Little did he know then, but the desire to start another family business would take root for his next two generations: his daughter and granddaughter, and that’s where Gill Reporting Group, LLC, begins. It was known as “Mom & Me” in the beginning, which was suggested and inspired by the beloved Sally Metheny, mother and grandmother of this mother-daughter duo. So, in the spirit of “Mom & Me,” they planted their Texas reporter-owned court reporting business in Johnson County, Texas, where small towns enjoy the country life but are connected to the city life of Fort Worth, by the new Chisholm Trail Parkway.”

Gill Reporting Headshot Session

They spent the afternoon getting hair and makeup done and then came to the studio for the head shot photo shoot. Watching them smile and laugh, you could easily tell they were eager to get this business up and running and share their story and the passion for what they do.  We decided that instead of taking all “traditional” headshots, we would change it up a little bit.  Court Reporting probably isn’t the most exciting careers… but we could still have fun with their images to help tell the story of who they are a little bit.

Gill Reporting headshots

Head over to their website and learn more about Luann and Sally and the different types of services they offer.  Gill Reporting Group.


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