Misty and Shiloh {Fort Worth Photography}

They might just be polar opposites.  She’s sweet, shy, quiet, girly, soft spoken, a care taker… He’s loud, outspoken, matter of fact, and well… he’s just Shiloh.  They are an amazing balance of each other and compliment each other better than I’ve seen in a long time.


If you know this couple personally, you will already know this.  However, Misty and Shiloh work hard at their relationship.  They publicly brag about each other and they constantly lift each other up.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t know that Shiloh is proud to be married to Misty. There also isn’t a day that I don’t doubt how proud Misty is of Shiloh and all that he has accomplished.


These two live their love for each other out loud.  It’s sweet to see and I’m thankful that I could document a little bit of it.2016-01-13_0003

Sidenote: one of the best things about Shiloh… he never takes things too seriously!


All my love for you two!