The BE Project – In a world where you can be anything…. What will you be?

Meet Leigha – her word for the 2023 BE Project is Stronger

What word did you choose and why?


  I chose the word stronger. I want to be stronger physically, mentally, professionally, in my relationships and in my faith. How you feel on the inside often reflects on how you feel on the outside, and vice versa. Spending time building strength in one area can build confidence and focus to build strength in another area. I aim to confidently accept who I am today and who I want to be. And I aim to stand strong in that truth. 

 This year I’m focusing on the word Stronger. Physically I want to feel strong, but I want that strength to reflect on all other aspects of my life as well. I want to be strong mentally, to really know who I am and stand in the truth of that. I want to continue to strengthen my marriage, so that I can stand strong in who we are as a couple. I want to welcome the self-awareness that seems to come at this age, and welcome this updated version of me in whatever form she comes. I want to build strength in my faith so that I can fight confidently against the attacks present in this world. Each step in the process of growth brings its own challenges, its multi-layered, and I want to face each layer as it comes from a position of strength and from knowing who I am.

What is something you hope you accomplish by the end of the year?

            I want to be focused more on gratitude this year, and spend a lot more time in prayer. I aim to read a lot more, not just for personal development but for pleasure too, there is a balance between growth and contentment. I believe there is strength in finding contentment, and in finding the balance between being content and with the growth and goals you are still striving for. I also believe that strength can be quiet, and I want to lean more into that as well.

If you could go back and talk to a younger version of yourself, what would you say?

            If I could go back and talk to Leigha from three years ago, I’d tell her you’re worth it. Don’t give up on you, this moment isn’t forever and you have worth that is not associated with the number on the scale or what you look like. It may not always be easy but it’s always worth it. Keep fighting, keep loving, and love your people through their choices, even if you have to do so from afar. Their choices are not your burden to carry. You can make changes and different choices and you can do so from a place of strength. 




The BE Project with Beautiful Evolutions Photography

The BE Project was created in 2016.  Two crazy girls had an idea and it came to life on a napkin at lunch one day. They partnered with a local jeweler, Woolards Custom Jewelry and a beautiful necklace was created.  What began as a marketing campaign turned in to an annual photo project that has allowed people to share a word that is important to them and why that word guides them.  Each year, in January, the project opens back up for registrations.  One week is dedicated to photographing the incredible people that want to join us.  All images are black and white to keep from any distractions.  Just the human and their word.

Head over to THE BE Project page read some of the incredible stories that have been shared with us. 

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