Leslie – The BE Project 2023 – Beautiful Evolutions Portrait Photographer

The BE Project – In a world where you can be anything…. What will you be?

Meet Leslie – her word for the 2023 BE Project is Healthy

What word did you choose and why?


 I chose the word Healthy. I want a healthy mindset, a healthy balance, a healthy body and healthy emotions. I want to continue to create a healthy life, and then use these tools to maintain it. 

This year I chose the word Healthy. Health is so much more than just physical health, and while that is a very important piece, it’s not the only one. A healthy mindset is what I’m focusing on this year. I want to continue taking care of my physical health, but also my mental and emotional health. It’s all connected and I want to be able to maintain that mindset. Health is a journey, and one I’ve been on for several years, but it feels like it’s all starting to come together a little bit.

            I’m working on creating more boundaries and healing the insecurities that lead to some people pleasing tendencies. I’m challenging myself daily to ensure that I don’t fall back into my old ways of thinking, and to remember to keep checking in with myself when those old thought patterns do pop up. If I could go back and talk to Leslie a year ago, I’d have told her to start sooner. Start with this mindset sooner. It’s okay to protect and prioritize your own health.